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How to transfer videos from iPod to iTunes library?

April 27, 2014 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iOS Device Manager

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  • How do I transfer videos from iPod to iTunes?
    1. How Can I Transfer My Songs And Videos From My iPod To My iTunes?
    i was on my computer and it just shut off and everything got deleted including the songs and videos from my iTunes, so how can i transfer the songs from my iPod to my iTunes? - fannle

    2. How to transfer music, videos, & podcast from iPod to iTunes?
    I want to transfer all my iPod's files to iTunes because this is a new computer. - T M

    3. How do I transfer videos from my ipod to itunes?
    I had no problem putting the songs from the ipod to the laptop but the videos are a different story. I've got all the seasons. of The Nanny on the ipod that I'd like to get onto the laptop (I would use homesharing and get it from the other computer but had to take that one in to get fixed)so is there an easy way of transferring all the videos from the ipod (classic) to itunes? - Viandan

    4. How do i transfer songs,videos etc. from my ipod to my itunes library?
    my computer got a virus,and my itunes library was deleted. How do i get all the song from my ipod to my library? - Blue S

    Transferring iPod video to iTunes library is very easy, If you find a good iPod to iTunes transfer to help you, TunesGo, is the good choose, which can transfer movies from iPod to iTunes Library; Supported devices: iPod Touch, iPod shuffle, iPod nano etc. Supported iOS: iOS 5, iOS 6, and iOS 7; download it below and have a try.


    Step by step to transfer video from iPod to iTunes Library

    Step 1: Lauch the iPod to iTunes Transfer & connect iPod with PC
    First of all, install the TunesGo on your computer. Then run it. With your USB cable connect your iPod to your computer. Once it's connected, this program will detect it immediately and display it in the primary window.transfer iPod videos to iTunes - main screenshot

    Step 2: transfer movies from iPod to iTunes
    On the main screenshot you will find the “To iTunes” option, click it, a pop-up windows appears, click "Start". Then, as you see, you can transfer movies, podcasts, music videos, etc to iTunes. tick off your wanted video files and click "Copy to iTunes".

    Or, click "Media" in the left column. On the top line are many tabs. By clicking "Movies", "Podcasts", "TV Shows", "Music Videos" and "iTunes U", you can move each file from your iPod to iTunes. Here, we take movies as an example.
    To move movies from iPod to iTunes, you should click "Movies". Then, in the movie window, select the movies that you'd like to move and click the inverted triangle under "Export to". In the drop-down list, choose "Export to iTunes Library".
    copy iPod video to iTunes library - transfer

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