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How to transfer music from iPad to PC/computer?

April 27, 2017 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iOS Device Manager

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  • Questions about transferring Music from iPad to PC:
    1. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! How to transfer music from ipad mini to pc?
    It's for a project; due is today, in a few hrs. Can someone tell me how to transfer a song from an ipad to a pc? It's acer, running windows7. - Avinash

    2. Are there any problems transferring files from an iPad to a Windows 7 pc?
    I've never owned an Apple product before, but may buy an iPad. I would like to move files (music, movies, docs, etc) between that and my HP Windows 7 - 64bit pc. Anything I should be aware of. - Sally

    3. How to transfer files from iPad 3 to PC?
    I heard that Apple will release the new version ipad - iPad 3 in March, 2012. And I am looking forward to buying one to enjoy my digital life. However, iTunes can't help us transfer files from iOS devices to computer. If I have lots of media files on my iPad 3 and I wanna transfer them from iPad 3 to PC, what should I do? Help me? - Corliss Kent

    If you want to back up your iPad music to PC or laptop and listen on desktop, I think you have the request, like the above people, this article introduce a way to help you to transfer iPad Music to PC, but need the help of – TunesGo, which can transfer music from iPad to Windows and Mac laptops; Supported devices: iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display, The new iPad, etc. Supported iOS: iOS 5, iOS 6, and iOS 7;download it below and have a try.


    Step by step to transfer music from iPad to Computer

    Step 1: Download & Install the TunesGo
    First of all, install the TunesGo on your computer. Then run it. With your USB cable connect your iPad to your computer. Once it's connected, this program will detect it immediately and display it in the primary window.copy iPad music to PC - main screenshot

    Step 2: two ways to Copy music from iPad to Computer
    1) Copy all songs from iPad to PC: on the main window, there is an option "To Folder". It is a quick access to download music from iPad to PC. You can click it to copy all songs from your iPad to a folder on your PC instantly.
    transfer iPad Music to computer - export

    2) Copy selected songs from iPad to computer: on the left side of the main window, click "Media". Select wanted ones and click "Export to". From the pull-down list, select "Export to My computer". Locate a folder on your computer to save these exported songs and click "Open".
    transfer iPad Music to computer

    That’s ok, just one click you can transfer Music from iPad to Computer, easy & fast, you can download the TunesGo Win version or Mac Version and have a try by yourself.


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