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How to transfer iPhone Camera Roll to Computer?

April 27, 2017 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iOS Device Manager

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  • How do I transfer iPhone camera roll to computer?
    1. How do i transfer all my pictures in camera roll on the iPhone to computer?
    is there a easy step? can’t seem to do this in itunes...am i missing something? I’m on windows...and don't want to email it off..takes too long I asked this recently but the two answers were pretty generic and not helpful. - RRR

    2. Photo transfer from Iphone to pc question?
    How do I transfer ALL of the pictures from my Iphone to my computer? I can only transfer the photo album titled "Camera Roll." There are 3755 pictures in my "Photo Library" folder and more in other folders. When I connect my USB wire from my iphone to my computer it only comes up with the 5 camera roll pictures so how do I get them all? - Morestin

    iPhone users take a lot of photos with their iPhones, so they want to transfer photos from camera roll to computer, one for backup, the other free up space. This guide introduces the way for you step by step.

    In order to transfer iPhone camera roll to computer, need a third-party tool – TunesGo, which can help you transfer camera roll, ablum, contacts, sms, voice memos etc from iPhone to computer, download it below, then follow the steps.


    Step by step to transfer iPhone Camera Roll to Computer

    Step 1: connect your iphone with computer
    Download and install the TunesGo on your computer. Then run it. Using the cable connect iPhone with computer, once it's connected, this program will detect it immediately and display it in the primary window.copy iPhone Camera Roll to computer - interface

    Step 2: Transfer iPhone Camera Roll to Computer
    In the primary windows, click “Photos” in the left column. Then select the “Camera Roll”, Select photos and videos in Camera Roll and click "Export to" > "Export to my computer". Then, a small file browser window pops up. Select a location on your computer to store this Camera Roll exported videos and photos.
    transfer camera roll from iPhone to computer - transfer

    That’s all, you have finished the job – to transfer iPhone Camera Roll to computer. So easy, download the TunesGo and try it by yourself.

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