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How to sync outlook contacts to iPhone?

April 27, 2017 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iOS Device Manager

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  • Questions about outlook contacts to iPhone:
    1. Microsoft outlook contacts into IPHONE 5s?
    A customer uses IPHONE for work. she wants to import all her contacts from Microsoft Outlook into her new IPHONE 5S. i do computer work and i was trying to figure it out but it doesn't work. i called APPLE and they don't tell you anything except something about ITUNES but the phone does not even show up in her ITUNES. is there a program i can use to finish this job? any of u with IPHONEs know how to do this? i would really appreciate it.. thanks a lot everyone - Tyler

    2. Boss wants his Outlook 2003 contacts on his iPhone 5.
    I've done a little research and realize some of the factors include: the firmware version, active sync vs mobile me vs something else?, iTunes version, etc.Any help furthering my understanding of the situation would be awesome.Thanks. – Ronbaeball

    In order to sync outlook contacts to iPhone, we need a third-party tool – TunesGo, you can download it below, then follow the next steps.


    Step by step to sync outlook contacts to iPhone

    Step 1: connect your iphone with computer
    Download and install the TunesGo on your computer. Then run it. Using the cable connect iPhone with computer, once it's connected, this program will detect it immediately and display it in the primary window. Note: Using TunesGo, you need install iTunes before outlook contacts to iPhone - interface

    Step 2: Sync outlook contacts to iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8
    In the primary windows, click “Contacts” in the left column. Then Click the button "Import/Export". In its drop-down list, select "from Outlook Express" or “From Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013”.
    transfer outlook contacts to iPhone - sync

    Just one minute, you will sync outlook contacts to iPhone, so easy. Download the TunesGo and try it by yourself.

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