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 How to recover video & photos from Sony camcorder?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Recover Deleted Data

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  • Is there any way to recover videos & photos from my Sony camcorder?
    "How can I recover accidentally deleted files from my Sony HandyCam SR11 Hard Disk Drive HD Camcorder? I would prefer if you could give me suggestions about doing it, but if you know somebody/company that will cost I wouldn't mind." - Asked by MMX-B

    "I accidentally deleted all of the video from my Sony camcorder and now I want to know whether or not i have a possibility of recovering the lost data. Therefore I’m seeking to send the camera to Sony media services and they possibly will solve the issue for $60.00 but I am unsure if that the wise decision. Has that ever happened to you before? Any suggestions how you can go about this situation?" - Asked by Phoenix

    If you lost photos & videos on your Sony Camcorder, it's possible to get them back. In fact, the deleted videos & photos aren't deletd immadetly, and there is no recycle bin on Sony camcorder, just become invisible, to recover photos & video from Sony Handycam, 3D camcorder etc, you need a third-party: Sony Camcorder Recovery, here recommend Data Recovery or Data Recovery for Mac. Get the trial version below:


    How to recover files from Sony camcorder (videos & photos)?
    let's try the data recovery for Windows together to check on step by step.

    Step 1. Connect Sony camcorder to the computer
    2 ways to connetc Sony camcorder to pc:
    1. directly connect your camcorder to the computer with a USB cable;
    2. simply connect the memory stick with a card reader. Take the way in which you like. And then launch the program and "Start" Sony camcorder recovery. Select the file type you want to recover.
    Sony handycam recovery - interface

    Step 2. Scan lost files on Sony camcorder or memory stick
    Right here, Sony camcorder or memory stick will be as a "External Removable devices". Select it and click on "Scan" to start scan lost files from your device.
    Sony 3d camcorder recovery - scan

    Step 3. Preview and recover Sony camcorder photos, videos
    As soon as the scan, all recoverable files (includes photos and videos), will be shown and listed in categories. You are able to preview and check to recover them all with 1 click.
    Sony camcorder recovery - to recover files

    Note: Don't save the recovered videos & photos on your Sony camcorder or the source memory stick again. Pls save them to PC or other external disk, for safety's sake.


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