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 How to Recover Deleted Folders from External Hard Drive?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Recover Deleted Data

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  • Data loss could happen
    People today begin to use external hard disk drive more and more often. Just look at my roommate: he puts all of his favourite movies, E-books, as well as presonal information on his external hard drive. Even though I understand the reason why he likes the drive so much, I wonder if he will go crazy when all data within the drive is lost. Although he would not go crazy, losing precious data is heartbreaking. You may just imagine what happens if you lost all of your years' favourite collections.

    In reality, things like that could happen. When he wanted to delete one file, but by accident deleted the whole folder; when he rapidly pressed 'Shift + Del', but found that there was not any backup; or perhaps the file was gone caused by other people's mistake operations, and after that he lost the data. How to do folder recovery?

    Easy way to recover deleted folders
    When this occurs, exactly what comes out in our mind is really a data recovery. That is to say, by using a data recovery to recover deleted folder seems an ideal choice, like Data Recovery, a specialist and dependable data recovery program with high quality and security. With only 3 steps, you are able to recover your deleted folders quickly and effectively, and no tech-skills needed. if you are a Mac user, please choose the Data Recovery for Mac, which usually does the same.


    Notice: DO NOT install the program within the source partition just where you are going to recover lost data.

    Step1. Connect your external hard drive to the computer and launch the data recovery.
    Folder Recovery - main screenshot

    Step2. Choose the hard drive and start to scan.
    Recover deleted folders from external hard drive - scan

    Step3. After the scan, preview and check the recoverable files and start to recover.
    Right here you are able to freely switch between the "File Type" and the "Path" of the file. The "File Type" classifies files directly into clear categories like photos, video, audio, documents, email, etc., while the "Path" presents you files as the original location on your pc.
    Folder files Recovery - Recover

    The one thing you have to pay attention is: Don't save the recovered files to the space where you lost your files previously, only to be safe consideration.

    What you need to know: You might know the fact that lost data isn't wiped permanently, till new data overwrites it. Exactly what you should keep in your mind is that don't save any new data to the place where you lost vital data, or the lost data will be overwritten by others, that makes it hard to recover deleted folder.


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