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 How to Recover Mac files after formatting?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Recover Deleted Data

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  • Is it possible to recover files after formatting on Mac?
    The actual answer is certainly YES! Actually, disk formatting does not clean your files. While you formatting the Macintosh HD, the actual file-system of disk are usually replace by a whole new vacant file-system. Therefore, the entries files as well as directories saved on the drive are cleaned to ensure that they’re inaccessible. Nevertheless, hard disks keep an index file, informing the computer's operating-system the place which the specific files is stored. Once you format the hard drive, links between index and file are deleted. Those lost data files are still physically intacted, but you could recover formatted files from Mac just before they are overwritten by new files.

    How to recover formatted hard disk on Mac
    How to recover Mac files has truly puzzled a number of Mac users. Generally speaking, there are two methods: Recover and Restore.

    In case you have backed up your Mac files, you are able to restore formatted files very easily from your back-up files. Otherwise, you will need a Mac format recovery - Data Recovery or Data Recovery for Mac, which allows you to do it, regardless of formatted, deleted or lost files caused by different reason, it can get the lost files back.


    Tips: Do remember not to set up Data Recovery for Mac towards the same partition or place where you lost your data in order to avoid from overwriting your original data.

    Step 1. Select the "Raw Recovery"
    Install and lauch the particular data recovery after you downloaded it. To recover formatted files from Mac HD, please select "Raw Recovery", it supports the recovery of almost all lost files.
    Mac format recovery - main interface

    Step 2. Choose the Macintosh HD to scan
    Choose the Macintosh HD which you formatted by accident, and click "Scan" to discover all lost files.
    recover Mac files after formatting

    If you do not wish to discover all files (usually takes more time), you may use the "Filter Options" to be able to appoint the file type that you would like to get back. After that go to "Scan".

    Step 3. Begin to recover formatted files
    Once the scanning finished, you can preview the actual scanning results and check out those which you want to recover.
    Mac format recovery - to recover formatted files from Mac


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