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 How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy Ace?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Android Phone Data Recovery

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  • "I just wanted to know, if you have pictures on the Samsung Galaxy Ace that have been deleted, is there any way of getting them back as I deleted a few by mistake. Thank you" - Asked by Leah

    Don't panic when you are encountering this. It is possible to recover photos or videos from Samsung Galaxy Ace if you take care. Don't create anything with your Samsung Galaxy Ace after the photos loss, or else you risk losing them forever. Lost data is not really gone immediately after deleting or formatting, but it'll gone forever if there are new data overwritting it.

    The most effective way is to protect your phone well and take a recovery immediately. Data Recovery or Data Recovery for Mac will be your excellent assistant to recover your lost photos from Samsung Galaxy Ace in 3 steps.

    Try the free trial version of this Samsung Galaxy Ace photo recovery software now. Select the right version for your pc:


    Note: Make sure to save the scan results if you are going to recover the found files later, to avoid data loss.

    Step 1. Connect Samsung Galaxy Ace to your computer
    Right after installing the program on your pc, run it and you'll get the main interface as follow(taking Data Recovery for Mac for an example).
    Recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy ace - main interface

    Step 2. Select and scan your Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Connect your Samsung Galaxy Ace or the mem-card of it, and ensure it may be detected as being an Exter removeable device on your pc. Next, choose your Samsung Galaxy Ace, and click on "Start" to scan for deleted files.
    Retrieve photos from Samsung galaxy ace - file type

    Step 3. Preview and recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy Ace
    The scan will take a few minutes. When it is done, you can choose to preview found photos before recovery, to check the quality of them. And then, mark those you want, and click on "Recover" button on the top, you can save them all on your Mac with one click.
    Samsung Galaxy Ace Recovery - Preview and Recover

    Notice: Don't save the recovered data on your Samsung Galaxy Ace or the memory card again. Get another place for it like on your Mac or other external disk, for safety's sake.


    Note: You can use the Android Data Recovery to recover, the below guide you can follow:
    How to recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy ace?

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