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 How to Recover call history on iPhone?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Recovery

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  • Need to recover call history on iPhone:
    1. How do i recover my call history going back 2 weeks on my iphone 6s? - Joe

    2. Is there a mean to recover a deleted call history without backup and without jailbreak the iphone? thank you? - Jonathan

    3. I accidentally deleted my recent phone call history and now i need to recover a number can you advsie how to recover the history please? - Ryan

    4. Recover deleted call history iphone 6s? How to recover deleted cell phone recently dialed calls iphone 6s ? I lent my phone out for a few minutes. The person makes 4 different calls to 4 people, they deletes the `recents` called.

    Indeed, there is a tool to help you to recover iphone call history. iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac - FoneLab. it supports three ways to recover iPhone Call History:
    Way 1. Directly recover call history from iPhone (without backup)
    Way 2. Recover call history from iTunes Backup
    Way 3. Recover call history from iCloud Backup
    Firstly, download the trial version of the iPhone Call History recovery below and install it on your pc.


    Next, let's use the FoneLab for iOS to recover deleted Call History from iPhone step by step.

    Launching the program on your PC, you will get the user interface as follow.
    iPhone Call History Recovery - main screenshot

    Note: upgrade your iTunes version to the latest one & connect your iphone to computer with cable.

    Way 1. Directly recover call history from iPhone (Without Backup).
    Step 1. Choose the recovery mode
    You will find three recovery modes for your choice. To directly scan and recover Call History from iPhone, choose "Recover from iOS Device".

    The program's window shows as follows. Here, select the type of data you want to recover and "Call History".
    Directly Recover call history on iPhone - select deleted files

    Step 2. Click on the Start Scan button to begin scanning your iPhone after it's detected by the program. When the Scan finished, in the Left tab "Call History" you can review the deleted Call History one by one, then you can recover them to Computer.
    recover iPhone call history - scan

    Way 2. Recover call history from iTunes Backup
    Step 1. Choose the recovery mode "Recover from iTunes backup file"
    On this recovery mode, Right here all of your iTunes back-up files will probably be automatically scanned and shown as follow. Select the one for your device, and then click on "Start Scan" to extract the content.
    Recover Call History on iPhone - extract iTunes Backup

    Step 2. Preview and recover deleted Call History from iTunes Backup
    The whole content of call history on your iPhone is displayed after the scan. Click the left Tab "Call History", You can preview the content, including names, phone numbers, call time and duration of incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. Then check and recover it with one click.
    iPhone Call History Recovery - Preview & Recover

    Way 3. Recover call history from iCloud Backup
    Step 1. Sign in iCloud with your account.
    Recover iPhone Call History from iCloud Backup

    Step 2. Select an iCloud backup to download.
    Choose the iCloud Backup, click "Download", here, you can select the file type. When you download the iCloud Backup, you can scan the Call History in it.
    Download iCloud Backup for iPhone deleted Call History

    Step 3. Recover iPhone Call History from iCloud Backup
    When the Scan finished, choose the "Call History" Tab to Recover deleted Call History to PC.
    Recover iPhone deleted Call History to PC

    Now you can download it and have a try below:


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