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 How to Export SMS from iPhone to Html, CSV etc?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Recovery

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  • "How to export iPhone SMS to pc (to txt, html or pdf) for free?
    I want to be able to export my iPhone SMS database to my pc in a friendly txt, html or pdf format that is easy to read. I have the sms.db file ready to use, i just want to be able to easily convert it. What applications that are completely free can I use? I have over 10000 SMS in this database. Thanks!" - Asked by Olof N

    "What's the easiest way to export and save iPhone SMS & MMS Messages on a PC? There's a person or two with whom I have thousands of texts, and sometimes I want to look through those texts again. If there's a way I can export it to word or something else, that'd be even better." - Asked by John

    Want to export SMS messages from iPhone 11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11, iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6S Plus / 6S / SE to access and read it on the Mac? You have visit the right place. This article will take you through how to export iPhone SMS for backup on your PC.

    How to export/backup SMS from iPhone to a PC
    Backing up iPhone text messages is incredibly simple. You really need to run iTunes, connect your iPhone and right click the device's name to back up. However the issue is when you find the backup file, you can't access or read it, not to mention extract the TEXT MESSAGE from it.

    So as to resolve the problem, you have to get an iPhone SMS exporting program, like iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac - FoneLab, which can help to extract SMS from iPhone with three methods and enable you access and read it very easily.

    Download FoneLab below, based on your system requirement, and try it totally free!


    Step 1. Download the FoneLab & select the file type to scan
    Right here, let's take FoneLab (Win) for example. Mac users are able to use FoneLab for Mac to take very similar actions.

    After downloading and installing the program, run it on your PC. the main interface as below and choose "Recover".
    iPhone SMS Exportor - main screenshot

    Connect your iPhone to PC & upgrade your iTunes version to the latest one.

    Once the program detects your device, it will show you the window as follows.
    Export SMS from iPhone to CSV
    There are three recovery mode, "Recover from iOS Device", "Recover from iTunes Backup File" and "Recover from iCloud Backup file", you can certainly choose the recovery mode you would like to use. We try "Recover from iOS Device" mode. Select the data type on your iPhone, including deleted files & existing files on your iPhone, Then Click on the "Start Scan".

    Step 2. Export SMS from iPhone
    At this point, you are able to preview all the SMS one by one. Check the "Messages" on the left item list to export iPhone SMS to your Mac. If you need to check the media content attached to your messages, click "Message Attachements" below the "Messages".
    export SMS from iPhone - Export

    The SMS file you have exported is definitely an HTML file. You are able to access and manage it conveniently, such as reading, printing, etc. Additionally you can export the messages in the format of CSV, and then import it to your iPhone with a right transfer tool.

    If you have a backup on your iCloud, or iTunes Backup on computer, you can try these two recovery mode to extract SMS from iPhone.

    Export iPhone SMS from iTunes Backup file
    Step 1: Select the iTunes Backup file to Start Scan. FoneLab will automaticlly detect the backup files and shows in the windows.
    export SMS from iPhone - scan itunes backup

    Step 2: Export iPhone SMS from iTunes Backup to computer
    When the scan finished, choose the "Messages" to export them to computer.
    Extract iPhone SMS from iTunes Backup file - Export

    Export iPhone SMS from iCloud Backup
    Step 1. Sign in iCloud with your account.
    export SMS from iPhone iCloud

    Step 2. Select an iCloud backup to download.
    Choose the iCloud Backup you want to export SMS from, click "Download", here, you can select the file type. When you download the iCloud Backup, you can scan the SMS in it.
    export messages from iCloud Backup

    Step 3. Export SMS from iCloud Backup to Computer
    When the Scan finished, choose the "Messages" Tab to export SMS to PC.
    export SMS from iCloud Backup - Export

    The FoneLab provide three ways to export SMS from iPhone. Now you can download it and have a try below:


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