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 How to Recover the loss data of Compact Flash (CF) Card?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Recover Deleted Data

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  • About Compact Flash card
    CompactFlash (CF) is a mass storage device format used in portable electronic devices. The format was first specified and produced by SanDisk in 1994. It is now used for a variety of devices; most contain flash memory but some, such as the Microdrive, contain a hard disk.CompactFlash became the most successful of the early memory card formats, surpassing Miniature Card, SmartMedia, and PC Card Type I in popularity. - wikipedia.org

    Several cases of lost data on CF Card
    • Accidental deleting
    • Pressing the reformat button in camera
    • A variety of reasons of damage just like low battery power, turning off on writing/reading, etc.
    • And so on

    If you are in one kind of the above circumstances, and delete photos, videos, audio, or other important documents, from the CF Card, do't worry, you can restore them, In fact, the files aren't completely removed from the CF card around the deleting or formatting. Just files names and properties are removed, the file content is still hanging around and recoverable. Now, want to recover lost files from CF Card, All you need is a CF(Compact Flash) card recovery tool. Data Recovery and Data Recovery for Mac is a good choose, which is a specialist and dependable data recovery program with high quality and security. With only 3 steps, you are able to recover the lost data in the CF Card quickly and effectively, and no tech-skills needed.

    Dowload the free trial version below to have a try now.


    Notice: DO NOT install the program within the source partition just where you are going to recover lost data.

    How to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from CF Card?

    Step 1. Connect your CF Card to the computer and launch the CF Card recovery.
    Connect your CF card to the computer, then run the CF Card Recovery, the main interface as below.
    Compact Flash Card Recovery - Main interface

    We select the “Lost File Recovery” which can recover deleted files such as deleted by Shift + Delete or emptied from the Recycle Bin, no matter from your computer or other removable media.

    Step 2. Choose the CF Path and start to scan.
    CF Card Recovery - Select partition

    Step 3. After the scan, preview, check the recoverable files and start to recover CF Card.
    Right here you are able to freely switch between the "File Type" and the "Path" of the file. The "File Type" classifies files directly into clear categories like photos, video, audio, documents, email, etc., while the "Path" presents you files as the original location on your pc.

    After the complete scan, all the files found back are well listed in the scan result panel. Check the folders of audio, video and photo on the left, and then hit "Recover" to get them all back. Remember to save them on your computer or other storage devices, but not the same CF card from which you lost them before due to safety of the file.
    Compact Flash Card Recovery - Preview & Recover

    The one thing you have to pay attention is: Don't save the recovered files to the space where you lost your files previously, only to be safe consideration.

    What you need to know: You might know the fact that lost data isn't wiped permanently, till new data overwrites it. Exactly what you should keep in your mind is that don't save any new data to the place where you lost vital data, or the lost data will be overwritten by others, that makes it hard to recover deleted folder.


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