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How to transfer PDF to iPad/iPad 2/new iPad/iPad mini and view PDFs on iPad?

June 20, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to PDF Converter & Editor

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    Want to know how to transfer PDF to iPad for reading? If you have ever downloaded eBook from iTunes Store, you must know that all the books provided in Apple official store are usually in EPUB format, not in PDF format. With reflowable EPUB eBooks in iPad, you are able to optimize the text to fit on your iPad display, making reading on iPad a pleasant experience. So, in this instance, just before transferring PDF files to iPad, you need to convert PDF to EPUB for iPad.

    Well, it's not hard to convert the PDF format to EPUB for iPad. Having a simple tool, you will make it easily. Right here, to guarantee the good quality of EPUB eBooks for iPad, you should attempt Wondershare PDF Converter Pro, which can help you to convert PDF to EPUB for iPad. This is a tiny but professional PDF to iPad EPUB tool. Let's start our process of transferring PDF files to iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad with Retina display by downloading PDF files to iPad tool.

    Download the trial offer tool. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. Select the right one for your computer.


    Step 1. Converting PDF format to iPad EPUB
    After downloading the tool, install it on your computer and launch it. If you are a Mac user, drag & drop PDF files to the app. When in Windows computer, click on Add Files to upload PDF files to this iPad tool. Right after importing PDF files, click on "Convert" to start the PDFs to iPad EPUB conversion. After conversion, in Mac, go to PDF to EPUB > Preferences…>Destination to find the outcome EPUB eBooks. On Windows PC, click on the little output folder right on the PDF item bar to show to output EPUB eBooks.
    transfer PDF files to iPad - main screenshot

    Step 2. Transfer PDF files to iPad iBooks
    Connect your iPad with your computer and launch iTunes. Drag & drop all of these output EPUB eBooks to iTunes. Click your iPad in the item DEVICES on the left of iTunes main interface. When you choose your iPad, you will see there exists a category name "Books" on the top-right of the main interface. Click Books>check Sync Books >choose Selected books (for this option, you should check the wanted books in the Books list) or All books> click Apply.
    convert PDF to EPUB for iPad - transfer
    In just a second, the process of transferring PDFs to iPad is completed. Then you definitely can open iBooks on iPad to read these transferred eBooks.

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