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How to insert text to PDF and edit PDF text on Mac?

June 20, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to PDF Converter & Editor

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    3. Is there a way to add text to PDF files on the mac?
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    Just after opening a PDF file on Mac, You will find that you are unable to insert, revise or delete text? It happens all the time. Maybe you have thought Preview can help you edit PDF text on Mac. However, Preview is more of a PDF reader rather than an editor. To be able to insert, correct typos, or delete text in a PDF file on Mac, you should need a professional PDF text editing tool, just like PDF Editor for Mac.

    Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac is really a complete PDF solution. It allows you to add, modify, and delete text, so that it is just like you are working with a word processor, very easily and quickly. Anytime when you need to edit text in PDF files on Mac, simply click the Touchup tool in the toolbar, and after that click on the PDF file to change the text. Details below is around how to use PDF Editor for Mac to edit PDF text on Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

    Download PDF Editor for Mac trial version to edit PDF text on Mac. For those who have a Windows PC, can download PDF Editor (for Windows) to have a try.


    Step 1. Launch PDF Editor for Mac
    Launch PDF Editor for Mac and open the PDF you are going to edit. Right here are two ways to do the task. Double click on the quick start icon on the desktop to browse your Mac for the PDF file. Or right click on the PDF file to open it with PDF Editor.
    how to edit PDF text on Mac - open PDF Mac

    Step 2. Modify Text on PDF
    Select the Touchup Tool on the Tool Bar. Double click on the text block where you need to modify text. After that you can modify the text within the editable text block. To delete the text block, click the text block and press Delete key to remove the whole sentence or paragraph.
    how to edit PDF text on Mac - modify text on PDF

    Step 3. Insert Text into a PDF
    Add Text. See the "Add Text" tool in the Toolbar? Click on "Add Text". Move your mouse over the PDF file, click on the blank area where you want to add text. When clicking, a text block will be added. And after that type in the right text.
    edit PDF text on Mac
    Note: Along the way of editing PDF text on Mac, you might want to change text font, size or even color. To achieve this, right after selecting text, click Inspector. From here, you are capable of achieving your goal.
    insert text to PDF on Mac

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