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How to compress large PDF files on a Mac?

June 20, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to PDF Converter & Editor

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  • Question about compress pdf files on Mac:
    How do you compress large PDF files on a Mac?
    Is there any way I can compress a, say 4MB PDF file so I can email it quickly. - Asked by Collieod

    How to reduce the size of a PDF file?
    I only have pdf reader. Do I have to download the pdf creator to enable me to reduce the file size. and is it for free. I'm using a mac. – Asked by Ahmed


    To be able to email PDF files hassle freely or perhaps share PDF files with colleagues conveniently, sometimes, you must have to compress PDF files because if a PDF file is very large, then you definitely are unable to email or publish it to the Internet. Mac users are very lucky. Mac built/in Preview can easily compress PDF on Mac: Open a PDF file in Preview >go to File > click Export> select Reduce File Size from the Quartz Filter drop-down list.
    compress PDF on Mac, compress PDF files on Mac - Preview
    The above mentioned making use of Preview to compress PDF file size on Mac is useful. Once you accomplish this, when compare and contrast the current PDF file size with the original one, you could find that the new one is smaller. Sometimes, the PDF could possibly be reduced to 50%. However, a lot of people also make a complaint that the quality of the compressed PDF file is not as good as the original one. In this instance, we provide an additional solution to reduce PDF file size on Mac. See the details below.

    Step 1. Download and install PDF Converter Pro for Mac
    This PDF Converter for Mac is definitely the PDF tool that we are going to use to convert PDF to Word documents. Both separated Mac and Windows versions are available. Right here you need to download the Mac version and install it on your Mac. It runs well on Mac OS X 10.12 - 10.6.


    Step 2. Upload PDF files and choose the proper format
    Launch PDF Converter pro for Mac. Drag & drop the PDF file which you want to compress on Mac to the software. And after that click on the little setting icon on each PDF item bar to choose Word Document (.docx) as the outcome format.
    compress PDF files on Mac - pdf converter pro mac

    Step 3. Set a small file for outcome(Word documents)
    Click on "Convert" to convert PDF to Word documents. As soon as the conversion finished, get the outcome word document by clicking on PDF Converter on the very top left > Preferences…> Destination.

    Step 4. Reduce PDF file size on Mac
    Open the Word document. Held down Command and A, and change the font to a smaller one. And after that click on File > Print. In the new window, on the very bottom left, click on "Save as PDF". Find a place to save the PDF file and click "Print". That's it.
    Reduce PDF file size on Mac
    In contrast to the way to compress PDF on Mac with Preview, this way will take much time, but it really will not change the quality of the PDF file that much. When viewing this PDF file, you can zoom in easily and freely.

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