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How to Create Fillable PDF Forms on Mac & Windows?

June 20, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to PDF Converter & Editor

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  • Questions: How to create Fillable PDF Forms?
    1. How to create a fillable PDF form using an existing PDF document with adobe reader X?
    How do I create a fillable PDF form using an existing PDF document with adobe reader X??? Helllp - StarBrig

    2. What programs do you need to create a fillable adobe PDF document?
    I am hoping someone will be able to help me with this:
    I have a form in Word, as a protected documented, that people can fill in. I need to change it to adobe, so it is more secure and more compatible. My goal is to be able to have anyone that has adobe standard fill in certain fields in the document? Which programs do I need in order to do this? The most cost-efficient would be preferred. I'd greatly appreciate any input. Thanks! - Justin X

    3. How can I? Or can I create a fillable form on my PC?
    I apologize in advance, but my computer skills are limited. I have ran across sites where I can fill in info. through a pdf. I would like to know how I can create a fillable form for use in my own home for Homeschooling lessons that I create. Is there a simple solution? Or am I getting myself into something complicated? I do own a scanner , if that helps! - Melvin

    Are you searching for a method to create PDF fillable forms? You come to right place, this article introduce a simple way to create a fillable PDF form. To create a fillable PDF form, you need a PDF creator or PDF editor. Right here recommend a cost-effective PDF tool to you - Wondershare PDF Editor, which usually enables you to create a PDF form very easily and can convert PDF to excel, word and image. Now let us to creat PDF fillable forms with it now.

    Step 1. Download the PDF fillable form creator
    Click on the download url to download the PDF tool tool. If you have a Mac computer as well, get the mac version, then install it.


    Step 2. Obtain a PDF form template
    In general, you will find two ways to create the fillable PDF form: 1. creating form from scratch; 2. creating form from the template. In order to save time and energy, I would highly recommend you actually create a writable PDF from the template that you can download from our website or through the internet. It is extremely easy to get a PDF form template on the internet. Obviously, you can begin a form from the blank PDF page using PDF Editor as well. But, it will require a long time to complete it.

    Step 3. Create a fillable form
    Launch the PDF Editor and open up the fillable form. Click the "Forms" menu to expose all of the interactive field options. Click the submenu "Edit Field" to create a fillable form. To add a form field, just click the Form Field tool. And after that on the PDF page to add the interactive field: Text Field, Check Box, Dropdown, List Box, Radio Button etc. Take adding Check Box for example. All you need is usually to simply click Check Box in the submenu, move mouse on the PDF form, draw a Check Box. This is it.
    how to create PDF fillable form - pdf editor

    As soon as you creating an interactive field on the PDF form, double click it to reveal the properties dialogue box. After this, it is possible to name the check box, set its appearance, such as the borders,colors and its style, etc.
    create fillable PDF form - Text Field Properties

    Step 4. Add text to a PDF form
    If you need add text besides interactive fields to describe the items, visit the Insert Menu, click Text tool. Move mouse to the PDF form area, click the PDF form where you need to insert text to type in the right text.

    Note: In the Form Menu, all of the tools offered are for form fields creating and editing and data export and import. If you want to add text, images, links and watermarks, you should go to the Insert Menu. To manage pages, move to the Page Menu.

    After finished a PDF form, click on the “Close Form Editing”, you can preview the fillable form.

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