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How to transfer all data from iPad to a new one?

  • How to transfer videos music photos from iPad to another iPad?
    I got a new ipad mini 3 .I want to share iPad files with my friends, Videos, Music, Photos, TV shows, Podcasts etc. what can i do? please help me - Lily

    I just got a new ipad, and i was wondering if i could backup my old one and transfer everything to my new one?
    If this is possible will all of my apps transfer from the old ipad to the new one? thank you. - Luckyman

    Many people upgraded the iPad to the new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, so they consider how to transfer all data from old iPad to the new one. Here, recommend one tool for you: MobileTrans or MobileTrans Mac, which can help you to transfer music, photos, text messages, contacts, calendar, videos etc from ipad onto the new iPad. You can download it below:


    Step by step to transfer old iPad data to a new iPad

    Step 1: Download & run the MobileTrans
    Download the tool, then run it, you will find the main screenshot as below, Choose Phone to Phone Transfer mode and click Start.
    transfer iPad data to new iPad - main screenshot

    Step 2: Connect iPads to computer
    Using the USB cables to connect your iPads to computer. Make sure the Source is your old iPad, the destanation is the new iPad, if not, remember to click the "Flip" to change them. As you see, MobileTrans lets you transfer Music, contacts, messages, photos, video and calendar to the new iPad.
    transfer everything from iPad to new one - connect ipad

    Step 3: Start to transfer data from old iPad to new iPad Air 2/Mini 3
    Check the data you want to transfer, then Click the "Start Copy" button. In the pop-up dialog, you can check the transfer progress. It takes you a few minutes. When it's finished, the all data on your iPad will be transferred to your new one.
    transfer iPad to iPad Air - transfer data


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