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How to transfer data from Android to another Android?

  • 1. Transfer data from Android phone to Android phone?
    Hi,I got a new android phone recently, the Galaxy S3, and before that I was using Galaxy Mini. Now I want to transfer/backup all my messages, my Whatsapp messages, applications and their data (like saved games), to the S3.
    Any suggestions how to do that? I know how to sync Gmail and apps like Twitter and Facebook.My media is stored on the memory card. But my concern is messages and apps. Please help? - Darkhood

    2. How do I transfer my Android contacts to someone else's Android?
    I would like to transfer a folder of my contacts to another android user so he can add/sync them. Is there a way I can do that besides sending separate v-cards? What is the easiest way to do that? Is there an Android manual anywhere online? Thanks :) - Haadia

    Maybe you know how to transfer contacts from Android to another Android Phone, how about the text messages, photos, videos, music, even the Apps? Here, introduce the easiest way to transfer all of them in 1 click, just use one Mobile Transfer - MobileTrans or MobileTrans Mac, which can transfer data between Symbian, Android and iOS phones.

    Please download the free trial version of the MobileTrans here.


    Step by step to transfer data from Android to Android

    Step 1. Run the MobileTrans on your PC
    After downloading and installing the MobileTrans, you should run it. Then the primary window will be shown on your computer screen. Select Phone to Phone Transfer mode. Click Start. Android to Android Transfer - main screenshot

    Step 2. Connect your two Android phones with PC
    Now, use USB cables to connect your Android phones with your computer. The MobileTrans will detect the two phones instantly. Here, notice which one is the Source or Destination, you can click the "Flip" to adjust.
    Transfer files between Android - connect phone

    Step 3. Transfer Data from Android to another Android
    In this step, check the items – contacts, text messages, music, photos, video and App which you want to transfer. Then click the green "Start Copy" button. This phone contacts transfer begins to transfer data from Android to another automatically. During this transferring progress, you ought not to disconnect either of your phones.
    Transfer Data from Android to Android

    Bingo! All files have been transferred in a minute, so fastest and simplest, now download it and have a try by yourself.


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