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How to transfer contacts from iPhone 5S/5 to iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8?

  • Questions:
    1. How do i switch all my pictures and contacts from my old iphone 5s to a new iphone X? I need to know ASAP. I got a new iPhone, but really don`t wanna lose my 300 photos and over 100 contacts. Thank you very much! - Dredkin

    2. I have received iphone X. do i tranfer the contacts first or activate sim! i m using iphone 3gs? - Barot

    3. How do i transfer all my contacts, photos, text history across to iphone X from iphone 5S? I need to transfer all my contacts, photos, text message history to my new iphone 4s from my 3gs. I have backed up and restored but they are still not there - Tigwhite

    4. How do I transfer contacts and sms message history from a jailbroken iphone 5s to an iphone 8 without using itunes? – Youngenius

    A lot of new iPhone user have the same trouble, that is: when they got the new iphone, the first thing is they want to transfer the contacts from the old phone, like iPhone 4 contacts to iPhone X/8 Plus, However, they don't get the easy way, and waste a lot of time.

    In fact, there is an easy way to transfer contacts, photos, music from iPhone 5S/5 to iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6S Plus. With the help of a Phone to Phone Transfer, transfer iPhone 5 contacts to iPhone X just in 3 steps, the tool named MobileTrans or MobileTrans Mac.

    Please download the free trial version of the MobileTrans on your computer.


    3 steps to transfer iphone 5S/5 contacts to iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8

    Step 1. Run the MobileTrans on your PC
    After downloading and installing the iPhone contacts transfer, you should run it. Then the primary window will be shown on your computer screen. As you see, there're four modes available. To transfer iPhone 5S/5 contacts to iPhone X, you ought to select Phone to Phone Transfer mode. Click Start. contacts from iPhone 5 to iPhone X - main screenshot

    Step 2. Connect your iPhone with PC
    Next, connect your iPhone 5, iPhone X for example to PC at the same time after you launch MobileTrans. Then if you want to clear you iPhone X, the destination phone, click the bar "Clear data before copy".

    Note: The rectangle button Flip allows you to change the place of phones.
    iphone 5 contacts to iphone X - connect phone
    Then, check whether you have installed iTunes on your computer or not. If not, Wondershare MobileTrans will remind you of installing it.

    Step 3. transfer iphone 5 contacts to iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8
    In this step, you need to uncheck the items – text messages, music, and photos. Then click the green "Start Copy" button. This phone contacts begins to transfer contacts from iPhone 5 to iPhone X automatically. During this contacts transferring progress, you ought not to disconnect either of your phones.
    contacts from iPhone 5 to iPhone X - transfer contacts

    As a matter of fact, apart from transfer contact from iPhone 5 to iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8, MobileTrans allows you to copy SMS, contacts, photos to Android phone with one click too.


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