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How to transfer SMS from Android to PC?

  • Some question about transferring android SMS to PC:
    1. I want to transfer my SMS messages from my android g1 phone to my pc how? - Mozella

    2. How do i transfer SMS from my android phone to my imac? Have text messages on my android phone that I would like to transfer onto my iMac. - Kristan

    3. Can I transfer android SMS to pc via bluetooth...i have to send the chain of SMS? I have to backup my SMS from my smart phone..plz help me.. - iDa

    Android phone is definitely good for connecting people and digital entertainment. Unfortunately, lucky people with an Android phone would probably meet the above annoying problem that they are unable to transfer SMS to PC. And there are two typical reasons why Android users want to export their sent and received SMS to stock them on the PC.

    There are some import text messages that they wouldn't be accidentally deleted or lost. Many people just want to transfer SMS to computer for future records before they clear their inbox.

    In fact, it is possible to simple accomplish the tack with MobileGo for Android. The following is the step-by-step guide about how to transfer SMS from mobile to PC.


    Step 1: Set up your Android phone
    To begin, download and install MobileGo, As soon as you completed the installation, launch it and connect your Android phone to the PC. When Android phone is shown up in the home window, click on SMS on the left to manage your SMS.transfer SMS from Android to PC

    Note: MobileGo Android Manager is fully compatible with all popular Android phones like HTC, Google, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson.

    Step 2: Export Android SMS to computer
    The particular TEXT MESSAGE management window is as below. And then select the message(s) first and after that click on the "Import/Export" button just to save the messages to your PC with .txt format.
    transfer SMS to computer - export SMS

    MobileGo Android Manager enables you not only to transfer SMS from mobile to PC, but also delete message(s), send message(s) to single or multi contacts from your computer conveniently.

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