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How to print text messages from Android Phone?

  • 1. How can i print text messages off my galaxy android?
    I need to print 300 text messages off my at&t galaxy android cell to present in court. How can I do this and retain all information (date, time, sender, etc.) without purchasing a sim card reader? Update : thanks Murzy!

    2. How can I print the text messages from my android phone?
    Hi, everyone. I need to print my text messages from my android. The company told me that they are not allow to do it, but there are some program in internet (he told me something about outlook) that maybe can help me. Thank you in advance for the help. - Lvens

    If you want to print text messages from Android phone, first, you would better to transfer the android text messages to computer, then print them. Now introduce the way to print text messages off android phone.

    Need a tool to help us, MobileGo for Android, which is fully compatible with all popular Android phones, like HTC, Google, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, and more.
    You can download below:


    Step 1. Run the software and connect your Android phone to computer
    Download the software and run it, then use the USB cable to connect your Android phone to computer, the main windows is as below:
    print text messages from Android - main screenshot

    Step 2. Import Android Texts Messages to Computer
    Go to the left column and click SMS. In the SMS management window, select the message threads that you want to transfer. Click Import/Export to save the messages to your PC in .xml or .txt format.
    print android text messages - import

    Step 3. Print Android text messages
    Now, you can directly print your messages saved on your computer. Just open it, and choose print from the file option. Your text messages will be printed on a piece of paper right now.

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