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How to backup Android Phone contacts to PC?

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    1. How can i securely backup contacts from my android phone? I own a samsung galaxy I9000 and I need to backup my contacts, just in case something goes wrong. I have over 800 contacts and kies does not handle it - Armand

    2. How to backup contacts on env touch to android? – Adrianna

    In this article are 2 very simple time-saving tips for those people who like to backup Android phone contacts. It comes very useful in the following two situations:

    Case A: You might want to have a backup copy of the important Android contacts on your computer just in case the disaster strikes and you lose all of them.
    Case B: You just got a new smartphone and wish to transfer Android backup contacts from the old Android phone to the new one.

    The following guide introduces 2 simple tips on how to backup contacts on Android, one from the Google Gmail account and the other from the Android phone directly, according to where your contacts are saved .

    Way 1: Android contacts backup to PC directly
    All or most of your contacts are saved on the Android phone? Don't panic, you don't have to save them to Gmail account manually. MobileGo for Android is an excellent Android contacts backup tool for exporting contacts to your PC with a single click. If you are a Mac user, please turn to MobileGo for Android Pro Mac.


    Note: The next guideline takes Wondershare MobileGo for Android for windows for example . The way to finish your task on the Mac is actually the same.

    Step 1: Set up your Android phone
    To begin, download and install the Android Phone contacts backup tool on your PC. After completing the installation, you need to run it. Connect your Android phone to your PC via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi. This software will automatically detect your device and shows it in the primary window. And then click on "Contacts" tab on the left pane to enter the contact management window.
    backup android phone contacts - main screenshot
    Note: MobileGo for Android is fully compatible with all Android phones and tablets, like HTC/Motorola/Sony Ericsson/Samsung.

    Step 2. Back up Android contacts
    The contact management window is as below. Choose your wanted contacts and then click on "Import/Export" button. This will show you a drop-down list. select "Export selected contacts to computer" or "Export all contacts to computer". After that, a pull-down list appears on the right, you are able to backup contacts to Outlook Express, Outlook 2003/2007/2010, vCard file, Windows Address Book, and Windows Live Mail.
    backup android phone contacts

    Way 2. Back up contacts from Gmail
    In case you save all of your contacts to Gmail account, you possibly can log in to your Gmail account you used to save Android contacts. Choose contacts you want to backup and click "Export". Select vCard format and save contacts to your PC. You can open and view them with Address book.

    The two ways are really easy to comprehend, but I highly recommend MobileGo for Android. Together with Android contacts backup, this program enables you to transfer music, movies, photos between Android phone and your PC, send SMS from the computer, and install or uninstall APK files on your Android devices, offering one-shop management for your Android phone.

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