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How to transfer Blackberry text messages to Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5/Note 2/3/4?

Apr 22, 2017 6:00 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Phone Data Transfer

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    Step by step to transfer text messages from Blackberry to Samsung S3/4/5/Note 2/3/4 etc
    Step 1: Backup your Blackberry text messages
    Using the BlackBerry® Desktop Software to backup your BB. If you have made it, skip this step. If not,Run BlackBerry® Desktop Software on your computer. Click Back up now to backup your BlackBerry messages, contacts or more to the computer.
    Blackberry sms to Samsung - Back up blackberry messages

    Step 2. Get the Blackberry messages to Samsung Transfer
    Here, we need a Phone Data Transfer - MobileTrans or MobileTrans Mac, which can help you to transfer text messages from Blackberry to Samsung in 1 click. You can download it on your computer below.


    After downloading and installing the MobileTrans, run it. Then the primary window will be shown on your computer screen. Here, connect your Samsung with PC, then select the “Restore From Backups”.
    BB sms to Samsung Transfer - main screenshot

    Step 3. Transfer Blackberry text messages to Samsung S3/4/5/Note 2/3/4 etc
    On the left column, click the inverted triangle to bring up the drop-down menu. Select the BlackBerry backup file. All backup files you have ever made appear. Choose your wanted one and the contacts, call logs and SMS in the backup file are shown in the middle. To transfer BlackBerry text messages to Samsung, uncheck contacts and call log. Then, click Start Copy.
    copy blackberry text messages to Samsung - transfer

    In a minute all your Blackberry text messages on your Samsung. Now follow the step and try yourself.

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