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How to backup Android SMS to computer?

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    For those who have an Android mobile phone and also text often, if you are this kind of people, maybe you've lots of important text massages which you wouldn't want to lose. Or perhaps you just choose to not delete your messages, and wish to backup Android SMS for future records. Android SMS backup made much easy by making use of this MobileGo for Android, which enable you to back up some or all the SMS on Android mobile phone as you like. Let's see how it works. If you are a Mac User, please choose the Mac version of it.

    Now download the correct version and keep to the guidelines below to backup your Android SMS.


    Note: The guideline below take MobileGo for Android Windows version for example. The way to finish your task on Mac is nearly a similar.

    Step 1: Set up your Android phone
    Be able to start, first download and install Android SMS Backup software on your PC. When you completed the installation, launch it and connect your Android phone to computer. MobileGo Android Manager will automatically detect your device and display your Android Phone in the home window.
    Android save SMS to computer - main screenshot
    Note: MobileGo for Android is fully compatible with all popular Android phones like Sony/HTC/Motorola/Samsung.

    Step 2. Transfer Android SMS to computer
    Click on the SMS tab to get into the SMS management window as below. Then select the message(s) first and after that click on the "Import/Export" button to save the message(s) to your computer in .txt format.
    Android SMS backup to computer - transfer sms

    Along with backup SMS for Android, MobileGo for Android also allows to delete message(s), send message(s), and export single or multi contacts from your computer conveniently.

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