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 How to recover files from SD card?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Recover Deleted Data

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  • Some questions from Yahoo answers
    1. How to recover deleted VIDEO files from SD CARD?
    Is there a program that exists that works well to recover deleted VIDEO files from and SD CARD? I accidentally deleted some video files from my cameras sd card thinking I had already moved them to my computer, but I hadn't and now I would like to try to get them back if possible. - Xdard

    2. Is there any way to Recover files from a corrupted sd card?
    My computer is saying my sd card is corrupted and that it needs to be reformatted. Is there any way to recover the files that are on it before i reformat it? - Cody

    3. How can i recover the data on my Micro SD card?
    Ok i use a micro sd card with a usb reader for storing my school word files and pictures. But recently one day the reader would not read the card anymore. I got a new reader and put the card into the reader and all my files are gone and all these random gibberish files and folders are there instead. Is there any way i can recover my files? Please my final reports for my classes are on it!!! - Ben W

    SD Card Data recovery to get them back.
    If you lost valuable video, pictures, document files, music or other files on your SD Card, don't panic, there is a way to get the lost files back. In order to increase the possibility of data recovery, you should immediately stop use your SD Card, put the SD Card out from the Digital camera, camcorder, cell phone or cd card reader etc, because new data maybe overwrite the deleted or lost data.

    To recover deleted or lost files from SD Card, We need a SD Card Data Recovery, you can use Google.com to search for some tools, here we recommend Data Recovery, which can help you to get the lost files from SD Card perfectly, if you are Mac user, turn to Data Recovery for Mac.

    Get the free trial version of SD card recovery software below now.


    3 steps to recover files from SD card

    Step 1. Connect your SD card to a computer with Wondershare Data Recovery installed. Launch the program and then go to traditional Mode and select "Lost file Recovery".
    SD Card data recovery - main interface

    Step 2. Select your SD card (here shows as the drive letter and click "Scan" to search lost files on your SD card.
    recover files from SD Card - Select partition

    Step 3. After the scan, preview found files to check if your lost files have been discovered. Then select your desired files to recover the SD card files with one click.
    recover deleted pictures from SD Card - to recover lost files

    If the "Lost file recovery" mode can't find the lost files, you can try "Raw file Recovery", this mode will spend more time.

    Note: Data Recovery supports SD card brands including Sandisk SD card, Transend SD card, Lexar SD card, ATP SD card, Kingston SD card, PNY SD card etc, and card types like Mini SD card, Micro SD card, SDHC card, and MMC card etc.


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