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 How to convert PDF to Word, even the scanned PDF files to Word?

June 25, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to PDF Converter

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  • PDF (Portable Document Format) is an excellent format to deliver information because it doesn’t matter if the PDF file recipient has the same computer program as your created file. One can easily view the PDF file’s content as long as he/she owns a free PDF reader. As it’s known to most of us, PDF files are easy to read but hard to edit due to its nature features. This may be useful but also may let people feel tough if he/she needs to edit or reuse the text or images in the PDF files. To solve this problem, one can get things done by converting PDF to Word.

    After converting PDF to Word, all the contents can be edited or reused with ease in Word. And this article is to teach you how to convert PDF to Word, with Wondershare PDF to Word Converter, a handy productivity tool for people to convert PDF files to fully-formatted Word documents. Just download this PDF to Word Converter and install it on your PC, and then follow the steps below to transfer from PDF to Word


    Step 1. Launch the program
    Double click the quick start icon to launch the program.

    Step 2. Import PDF files
    Click Add PDF Files button and browse your files to locate the files which you want to convert PDF to Word. Or simply drag and drop your files onto the PDF to Word Converter user interface. You can either convert PDF to Word or batch convert PDF to word at a time. And the filename and file size will be shown on the main panel.
    PDF to Word Converter - interface

    Step 3. Convert PDF to Word
    Before the conversion, you're allowed to select PDF page(s) or page ranges to convert. In the Selected Pages column, move your mouse here to set the pages to convert. When it is ready, click the big green Convert button to begin the conversion. After the conversion, you can check the output Microsoft Word documents by clicking the folder icon on each PDF item bar.
    Convert PDF to Word - interface

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