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 How to convert PDF files to Excel perfectly?

June 25, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to PDF Converter

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  • Part 1: Questions from yahoo answer
    1、Can I convert a scanned Excel PDF back to Excel?
    We received a faxed version of a spreadsheet that I have been asked to convert back to Excel so it can be used on the computer to fill in. Can that be done. I have the full version of Adobe 8 Professional with Live form designer. - Van

    2、How to copy multiple tables of PDF to excel?
    I have a large PDF document (approx. 500 pages) that needs to be converted into a table. Here are the steps I have taken so far. I have cropped the pages so just the tables are showing. I then try to select all, copy and paste it into a table, but it only pastes the first page of data into excel. It doesn't transfer the other pages of tables. How do i get all of the pages to paste at once. Any help is appreciated. – Thomas

    Part 2: How to convert PDF to Excel?
    Have many PDF forms, family budget planner, project management schedule, service invoice, etc. and need to export to Excel for more conveniently editing? Here, we're going to explore how to convert PDF to Excel with a PDF to Excel Converter.

    Free download the PDF to Excel Converter below, and install it.


    Step 1. Launch the program
    Double click the quick start icon to launch the program.

    Step 2. Import PDF files
    Click Add PDF Files button and browse your files to locate the files which you want to convert PDF to Excel. Or simply drag and drop your files onto the PDF to Excel Converter user interface. You can either convert PDF to Excel or batch convert PDF to Excel at a time. And the filename and file size will be shown on the main panel.
    PDF to Excel Converter -interface
    Click the Selected Pages column on each PDF item bar, you will be able to select page(s) or page ranges from a PDF to convert. And at the lower part of the main interface, you can set a path to save the output Excel spreadsheets.

    Click the advance setting button beside the Convert button, you can choose whether to keep the original PDF formatting in the output Excel spreadsheets or not. By default, the option is Retain the values without formatting.
    convert pdf to Excel - setting

    Step 3. Convert PDF to Excel
    When everything is ready, you can just click Convert button to convert PDF to Excel.
    convert pdf to Excel

    After a few seconds, you can get the output word documents as you like. After successfully converting PDF to Excel, you can easily edit or reuse the documents as you like.

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