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 How to convert MPEG to DVD step by step?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Burn to DVD

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  • MPEG, also called MPG, is a working group of experts that was formed by the ISO to set standards for audio and video compression and transmission. Its advantages make them so popular that they have been widely used in our daily multimedia world. It's common that people want to Convert MPEG to DVD. You can follow this guide to convert MPEG to DVD, it become easy. And you should download the DVD Creator or DVD Creator for Mac.


    MPEG to DVD

    How to Convert MPEG to DVD?
    Step 1: Import MPEG to DVD project
    After installing MPEG to DVD converter, launch it and click "Import" to import MPEG videos to collections. To create another chapter, click the "Add title" button and add more MPEG videos, no limit here. But do notice the size indicator at the bottom, if exceed the red line, you are suggested change to DVD-R 9.0G or remove some videos. Video editing is also available. These tools include: crop, trim, rotate, watermark, effects, etc.
    Convert MPEG to DVD - interface

    Step 2: Author DVD menu
    A menu is necessary to fully access your MPEG video on DVD disc. In "Menu" tab, there are different styles of built-in templates, frames and buttons for you to choose from. After selecting a menu template, you can add text, background music and background images to author a personalized DVD menu, on which all chapters will appear as thumbnails.

    Step 3: Preview and burn MPEG to DVD
    Switch to the "Preview" tab to take a look at your disc - in real-time mode. If anything needs to be changed, go to corresponding tab. Once you’re satisfied, go to the "Burn" tab to adjust settings like disc label, output target, TV standard, aspect ratio and DVD drive (if you have multiple DVD drives). Finally, click "Start" and the program will automatically to convert MPEG video to DVD.

    When MPEG to DVD writing complete, the MPEG DVD disc will eject automatically so that you can directly insert into normal DVD player to watch MPEG videos on TV. Besides burning MPEG to DVD, you could also save MPEG to DVD folder, ISO image for later burning or using other DVD burning software like Nero.

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