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 How to Recover Lost Files after System Restore?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Recover Deleted Data

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  • Lost files after System Restore?
    1. After performing a system restore is there anyway to recover picture files? Our computer had crashed and we had to perform a system restore, but in the process the file containing many important pictures. Is there anyway to recover them? Yes, I will go great lengths to get them back. Or is it a lost cause? - Leah

    2. I had to do a system restore on my computer, is there any way i can get back my lost files? My computer crashed because i had a virus. It deleted some stuff that my computer needed and it wouldnt start, so I had to do a system restore. Because it would not let me access any of my files, I lost them in the restore because I could not save them. Is there any way that I can get them back? - Starry

    3. How can i recover my images or music after a sysytem restoration? I did a system restore n i lost my files. How can i get them back - Diana

    Many people don't back up data and restore system, then resulting in a loss of data, but don't worry, fortunately there is a way to help you to recover lost data after system restore, you only just need a recovery tool.

    Data Recovery, or Data Recovery for Mac, which is an excellent data recovery software, can help you to recover photos, videos, documents, archive files and much more. Next, we will take it as an example to recover lost files after system restore, just keeping reading.

    Step by step to recover lost files after System Restore:
    First, to get the trial version of the data recovery here:


    Step 1. Start the program, go to traditional Mode and select Raw File Recovery.
    Recover lost files after system restore - main interface

    Step 2. Find the partition in which you lost your documents following technique restore, and begin to scan.
    Recover lost files after system restore - Select partition

    Step 3. Following the scan, preview and verify the recoverable documents and click to recover.
    Recover lost files after system restore - to recover lost files

    Bingo!, Recover lost files after System Restore is completed, now to download the tool and have a try.


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