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 How to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy?

  • “I mistakenly deleted the total contents of the "Camera" folder on my Samsung Galaxy S2. All of the photographs and video which i had taken during the last Two months were lost. I know I would back them up. Possibly there is anyway I'm able to restore them?”

    When a "delete" is finished, only the space which the file occupies is marked as empty and could be used again by new data files, but the deleted file will probably be still there till new data overwrites it. Therefore, if you haven't taken any new photos or videos, you'll still can restore deleted photos by making use of Samsung Galaxy recovery software.

    Recover deleted photos & videos from Samsung Galaxy
    First, download the best Samsung Galaxy recovery software program: Data Recovery, or Data Recovery for Mac if you're using Mac OS.
    Try the free trial version of the Photo Recovery software now:


    Note: Don't forget to save the scan results if you're planning to recover the found files later, in order to avoid data loss.

    Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the PC
    Above all things, connect your Samsung Galaxy to the pc using a USB cable, and ensure that it could be detected. Then launch the program and then go to traditional Mode and select Raw File Recovery.
    recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy - main interface

    Step 2. Begin scanning your Samsung Galaxy
    Select your Samsung Galaxy from the device list and start to scan it for deleted pics and vids. If you'd like to improve the scan, click "Filter Options" to choose "Photo", "Video" or "Audio".
    recover deleted data from Samsung - Select partition

    Step 3. Preview and recover photos & videos from Samsung Galaxy
    Before you decide to recover, you are able to preview the recoverable file. Check out the files you want back and click on "Recover" to save them on your desktop.
    Restore deleted data on Samsung Galaxy - to recover lost files

    Notice: Don't save the restored data on the Samsung Galaxy once again. Find a different place for it like on your pc or any other external drive, for safety's sake.

    Along with recovering deleted files, this data recovery software can also files formatted or lost caused by other reasons from various mobile phones, USB drives, external hard drives, iPod, personal computers and more. It's really a nice recovery program for your data's rescue.


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