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How to recover deleted videos from iPod Touch?

Dec 15, 2016 5:30 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPad Data Recovery

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  • Deleted a video on iPod touch, need help?
    1. I need help recovering a video that i deleted on my ipod? I accidentally deleted a video on my ipod touch 4th generation. Is there any way to which i can recover that video? - Becky

    2. How to recover deleted videos on ipod touch 4g?
    i accidently deleted a video i filmed on my ipod touch and i want it back is it possible? - Alonso Jaramillo

    3. How can i recover video files that i recorded from my ipod nano and accidentally deleted?
    I've made a mistake and deleted all of the videos that I've recorded from my ipod nano. Is there any way possible, i can get those files back? - Brian H

    4. Recover ipod video files?
    i used my ipod that has a video camera on it to record some stuff and i deleted it. i want to try and get the video i filmed back. ive used a few programs and no success so far any ideas and help? the video file format is mp4 and also any players i can use to watch the video? - Sornumbers

    Gernerally, there are two ways for you to recover deleted videos from iPod Touch.
    1) For iPod Touch 5: Recover deleted videos from iTunes Backup;
    2) For iPod Touch 4: Directly recover from iPod Touch 4 or from iTunes Backup.

    iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac - Dr.Fone for iOS is the tool we will need, you can download it below:


    Step by step to recover deleted videos from iPod Touch
    Here, take Dr.Fone for iOS Windows as an example, the Mac version are the similar. You can try the first way by yourself.

    Step 1. Connect your iPod touch to the computer
    Run the program, connect your iPod touch to computer, you will see the interface below, there are three recovery mode. Choose the "Recover from iOS Device" option.
    iPod touch video recovery - main interface
    Recover from iTunes Backup File (for iPod touch 4/5):
    recover deleted videos from iPod Touch
    If you choose to recover videos from iTunes backup, you can choose Recover from iTunes Backup File on the top. Choose the backup file for your iPod touch 5/4, and click Start Scan to extract it.

    Step 2. Scan your iPod Touch
    For directly recover deleted videos from iPod Touch 4, click the "Start Scan", Then the program will begin scanning your iPod touch 4 for data as follow. You can preview the found data during the scan.
    recover deleted video ipod touch 4g - scan iPod touch

    Step 4: Recover deleted videos from iPod Touch
    When the scan completes, the program will generate a report for you. You can check all recoverable data here, including contacts, photos, messages, notes, etc. As to videos, you can find them in the category of Camera Roll. Mark them and click Recover. Then you can watch them on your computer now.
    recover deleted video ipod touch 4g - recover


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