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How to recover Lost Safari Bookmarks on iPhone?

Aug 23, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Recovery

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  • How to recover lost bookmarks from iPhone?
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    2. How can I recover deleted bookmarks, it was an accident?
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    Due to facatory setting, crashed system, accidental deletion or any other kinds of unknown reasons, some iPhone users lost their Safari Bookmarks on iPhone, how to recover iPhone Safari Bookmarks? Technically speaking, there are three ways to get them back.
    1. Directly scan iPhone and Recover Safari Bookmarks
    2. Recover iPhone Safari Bookmarks from iTunes/iCloud Backup file (If you did backup)

    Here, we just introduce the second way, to achieve this, we need an iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac, here, remommend the FoneLab

    Download the free trial version below to take a try.


    Guideline: Step by step to recover lost bookmarks from iPhone
    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer
    Right after running the program on your pc, and then you will get the main user interface below.
    iPhone Safari Recovery - main screenshot

    Upgrade iTunes to the latest version, and Connect your iPhone to PC.

    Step 2: Scan & get the iPhone lost Safari Bookmarks
    Select the type of data you want to recover - "Safari Bookmarks", then click on "Scan" to scan iPhone Safari bookmarks.
    Recover Safari bookmarks on iPhone

    Recover iPhone Safari Bookmarks - scan iphone

    Step 3: Preview & recover iPhone Bookmarks
    After the scan, you will get the content listing shown as below. Select the "Safari Bookmarks " category. It is possible to preview them just before saving them on your computer. Mark those you want and click on "Recover" button to save them on your computer.
    Recover Safari bookmarks on iPhone - Preview
    Note: If you want to recover iPhone Bookmarks from iTunes/iCloud backup, please choose the recovery mode of "Recover fom iTunes Backup File" or "Recover fom iCloud Backup File". You don't need to connect your iPhone to the computer. Directly download and extract the iTunes/iCloud backup and recover the Safari Bookmarks.


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