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 iPhone is stuck on Apple Logo screen, how to fix it?

Aug 13, 2014 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Recovery

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    iPhone stuck on Apple logo?
    my iphone was freezing a little bit so usually just turning it off for a few seconds then turning it back on fixes it, so i did. but when i went to turn it back on, the apple logo poppped up and it wont go away. i tried plugging into my computer and then a wall charger, holding the lock and home buttons down, basically everything. i can't even get it to register with itunes so i could restore it. should i just let it die? the logo is still up on the screen and its been almost three hours. i don't know when i can get to an apple store. i also dont want to restore it because it never syncs to my computer, like the sync fails to start, so i'm hoping if i go to an apple store they can turn it on and back it up somewhere for me. any suggestions?

    Causing iPhone stuck on the Apple logo screen:
    1. After upgrading iOS on your iPhone.
    2. After jailbreaking your iPhone.
    3. After restoring your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud.
    4. After having an issue while installing an update or performing a regular restore.

    When your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo screen, it will let you go nowhere but staying on the same Apple logo screen all the time. How to fix this issue? Keep reading.

    Just use one iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac to fix the issue, here recommend the Dr.Fone for iOS, just one click you can get the iPhone into normal. Plus, if you lost data on your iPhone, it provides three data recovery methods. Get the tool below:


    Step 1. Downloading the tool
    installing and running the program, and connect your iPhone to computer.

    Step 2. Choose "Fix iOS to Normal"
    In the main window of Dr.Fone for iOS, click the "Fix iOS to Normal" tab at the left right. And then you can see some notes diaplayed in the window. If you have no problem with all the changes it will bring, click "Next".
    Important: Please note that by fixing the issue - iPhone stuck in Apple logo, the iOS operating system on your iPhone will be updated to the latest version. And if it is jail-broken iPhone, then it will be updated to none jail-broken.
    iPhone stuck on Apple Logo - main screenshot

    Step 3. Download official firmware
    In the new window, the official firmware download link for your iPhone will be provided. You should download the firmware. If you have downloaded it before, then here you just need to choose "Already downloaded" to browse your computer to locate it.
    iPhone Stuck at the Apple Logo Screen

    Step 4. Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple logo
    After downloading and selecting the official firmware for your iPhone (iOS 9 supported), you should click the button "Start Fix" to let the program to fix the abnormal issue for you. After then, you just need to wait for your iPhone to restart. You can see that iPhone starts to work without any problem. iPhone stuck on Apple Logo

    So, With one click, you can fix the issue "iPhone is stuck on Apple Logo screen", if you lost some data, with the tool, you also can recover data from iPhone/iTunes/iCloud, some related guide below:
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