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How to share or Mirror iPhone/iPad Screen to Computer?

Dec 05, 2017 17:00 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Screen Recorder

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  • Why Do People Mirror iPhone Screen to Computer?
    Prior to you begin iphone screen mirroring, you need to recognize what exactly it is for. So why do people attempt to share iPhone screen on Computer? Right here I list a few of the possibilities:
    - Presentations: Use a projector to share your device's screen with a room full of people.
    - Education: Record assignments and share them wirelessly with an entire classroom.
    - Gaming: Mirror and record mobile gameplay on a larger screen.
    - Business: Use your iPhone in your presentations at work.
    - Developers: Use real-time mirroring to showcase products and create demonstrations.
    - Recording: Record apps, games, and other content from your iPhone.
    - Enjoy: Display iPhone screen on PC to enjoy larger screen, for example, to watch videos.

    There are too many feasible uses to list. Anyway, if you are looking for an iPhone screen recorder to mirror iPhone to PC, please remain to review and also you will figure out how you can do.

    How you can Mirror iPhone Screen to Computer?
    To mirror iPhone/iPad Screen to Computer, you are suggested to attempt Dr.Fone iPhone Screen Recorder, which is an iphone Screen mirroring tool that allows users to stream iPhone screen to computer. Now, please follow the step-by-step guide to share your iOS screen.

    Step 1. Download Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder
    You need to download the program and get it installed on your Windows PC.

    Mirror iPhone to Computer - interface

    Step 2: Connect to the Wifi
    The very first step is to connect to the Wifi. You have to see to it that both your iphone device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, or computer) as well as the Dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder are linked to the same network.
    Mirror iPhone to PC - connect to WIFI

    Step 3: Enable Mirroring
    The next step would certainly be to enable mirroring to make sure that your two devices will be connected (let's say you're utilizing an iphone). Upon connecting your device to the Wifi, swipe upward to make sure that you can see the connection settings. At the lower right, you will certainly find an Airplay tab. Click the Airplay tab and you will see an iPhone tab as well as a dr.fone tab. Hover around the dr.fone tab and allow the Mirroring option. You can see the steps by taking a look at the screenshots below.
    Mirror iOS to Computer - Mirroring

    Step 4: Record iOS Screen
    The last step gets on doing an iPhone Screen recorder is the most convenient and also the most enjoyable step -- recording the content of your phone. To obtain a more clear photo of just how it's done, allow me show you a screenshot below of an individual playing Pokémon Go as well as recording his gameplay.
    Mirror iPhone to Windows - Recording

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