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How to Record Android Phone Screen?

Nov 05, 2017 17:00 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Android Screen Recorder

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  • Many users of Android phone want to record videos on their phones, such as playing games, funny actions, video calls, etc. to save or share to their friends or to social networking sites. But they didn't find the right way, and this article will introduce you to a simple and applicable software to record android phone screen, just folow.

    First, need a third-party tool, named Dr.fone - Android Screen Recorder, just download below:

    Step 1. Launch dr.fone toolkit
    After you set up dr.fone toolkit on your PC, dual click the faster way icon to launch dr.fone toolkit. Click Android Screen Recorder among all the tools.
    Android Screen Recorder

    Step 2. Connect Android phone with PC
    Attach your Android device to computer using a USB cord. Ensure you have enabled USB debug on your tool. Otherwise, you could follow the guideline listed below to enable USB debug.

    For devices running Android 4.2 or above.
    android screen recorder usb debug
    If your device is running Android 4.2 or above, it will likewise ask you to Permit USB Debugging. Just touch on Permit on your popup message on your Android phone.
    android screen recorder allow usb
    In a couple of secs, Android Screen Recorder will connect to as well as identify your Android gadget effectively.

    Step 3. Mirror and also record Android display on PC
    After the Android gadget is linked efficiently, Android Screen Recorder starts to mirror the Android screen immediately. When you do any kind of operation on the Android display, you will see it on the COMPUTER. Likewise, you could make use of the mouse to regulate every little thing on the Android device.

    If you want to videotape any Android video game, video clip, or procedure on the Android tool, simply click the Android Recorder button, which is above Setups button on the appropriate navigating bar.
    android screen recorder start record
    There will be a popup message to confirm the recording. Simply click Start Currently, Android Screen Recorder will start tape-recording every little thing on the Android screen.
    android recorder start recording
    You can see the length of time it has actually been recording, and also click the red switch to stop recording.

    After that the tape-recorded video will be reduced your computer instantly.
    android recorder save recording
    You could additionally change the save location using Settings-- > Record Setups.
    android screen recorder settings

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