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How to recover iPad Data without iTunes Bakcup?

Oct 08, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPad Data Recovery

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  • Lost data on iPad and have no iCloud or iTunes Backup
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    Many people lost their important data on iPad including contacts, notes, photos etc, and they have no iCloud or iTunes backup so they don’t know how to get the data back, like the above people. Is there any way to recover lost data from iPad without backup? Sure, iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac - Dr.Fone for iOS that can do it. With it you can directly recover camera roll, photo stream, contacts, messages, message attachments, call history, calendar, notes, reminder, Safari bookmarks, voice memos from iPad 1, iPad 2, The new iPad, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini etc.

    Step by step to recover iPad lost data
    Take the Dr.Fone for iOS(Windows) as an example, Mac Version operation steps are similar.

    Step 1: First to download the iPad Data Recovery


    Step 2: Connect the iPad to computer
    Install and run the Dr.Fone for iOS and connect the iPad to computer, when it's detected, the interface as below.
    lost data on iPad without iTunes Backup - main interface

    Step 3. Scan your iPad
    For the iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, The new iPad and iPad 2, you can directly click "Start Scan" button to scan your iPad. For iPad 1, you need to enter the scanning mode, the operation steps as below:
    1) Hold your iPad and click the Start button on the window.
    2) Press Power and Home buttons on your iPad at the same time for exactly 10 seconds. The Software will count time for you.
    3) When 10 seconds passed, release the Power button right away, but keep pressing the Home button. After another 10 seconds, you'll be informed that you've successfully entered the system and you can release the Home button now.

    Then, the program will begin scanning your iPad for the lost data.
    iPad Data Recovery - scan

    Step 4: Preview & recover the iPad lost data
    When the scan finished, you can preview all the lost data, Check those you want to recover and mark them. Click the "Recover" button at the bottom, you can save them all on your computer with 1 click.
    recover iPad Data without iTunes Backup - recover


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