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 How to retrieve iCloud files back onto iPhone?

Aug 11, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Recovery

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  • "I recently had my iPhone replaced, and ensured all my data was backed up on iCloud before I changed over. But now I can work out how to get all my data of iCloud and back onto my phone? Please help me."

    You can through the iPhone settings to retrieve data from iCloud, but this way need to erase all data on your iPhone first, can't choose one or a part of data to retrieve, just suitable for the new iPhone. the ways as follow.

    tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings on your iOS device. And then with the instructions on your iPhone, choose Restore from iCloud Backup > sign in with your iCloud Apple ID > choose a backup file to restore data from it.

    Retrieve iCloud files back onto iPhone

    If you have some important data on your iPhone, which has no backup on iCloud and don't want to erase your iPhone, you can extract the iCloud backup files for deleted or lost data, to do this, need a tool to help: iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac, here, remommend the Dr.Fone for iOS, you can get it below:


    After download the tool, then install on your computer. Then follow the next step by step to retrieve iCloud files back onto iPhone.

    Lauching Dr.Fone, you will get the user interface below.
    retrieve icloud files onto iphone - main screenshot

    Select the "Recover iOS Data", Connect your iPhone to PC.
    recover iphone icloud files - Connect iPhone

    Step 1.There are three recovery mode, pls select the "Recover from iCloud Backup File".
    retrieve data from iCloud - main screenshot

    Step 2. Input your account and choose the backup file you need to download, it will take some time, because the iCloud backup files is very large.

    Step 3. When the file is downloaded, you can see the program is scanning your iCloud backup and sorting data into categories.
    Retrieve iCloud files back onto iPhone

    Step 4. After the scan, you can click the data type in the left sidebar to preview corresponding files or data. Check wanted data and click Recover to retrieve information from icloud. When you click 'Recover' to recover data, it will show you two options, recover to iphone or recover to computer. For Messages, Contacts, Notes you can back to iPhone, don't forget to connect iPhone to computer.


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