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How to Recover photos from iCloud?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to iPhone Data Recovery

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  • How to recover photos from iCloud?
    1. How to recover photos from icloud?
    was transferring photos from my iphone to my macbook using image capture and accidentally deleted a bunch of important ones. anyway to get them back? my camera roll uploads to icloud but i login to icloud and i see no option to view/download photos. im willing to restore since i last backed up 5 minutes before the photos disappeared and i made no major changes to my iphone im just curious how to get these photos back. thanks. - Nick

    Okay so I used this software called PhoneClean and basically it helps clean useless data on my phone and it works good but a few days ago I pressed the wrong button and now all my photos are gone. My contacts and other stuff are gone too but i managed to recover them from iCloud which is good but I cant seem to recover any of my photos. I tried using the iTunes backup but it didnt work, iTunes said "the backup was corrupt or not compatible" with my phone.Please help! Are there any softwares that I can use? Or any methods that i can do to recover my photos? - Lora

    3. How To Recover Old iCloud Photos?
    So, I had an iPhone a while back and it was stolen, but all my pictures were on my iPhoto/iCloud hooked up to my macbook so I didn't really mind; however, last week my computer crashed and I had to get a new hard drive for it (its third hard drive since I got it a year ago... surprising. My faith in apple products is starting to falter.) Anyway, all my pictures were on there, and when I set up my computer, I signed in with my apple ID on iCloud and there's nothing in my iphoto library for some reason... Is it possible for me to retrieve my photos? If so, how? Thanks. :) - Sus

    If you've lost your iPhone/iPad/iPod or deleted some important photos on your iPhone, and want to get the photos back from iCloud backup, there is a way to do that, iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac - Dr.Fone for iOS which can help you to scan your iCloud backup file and recover photos from iCloud. You can download the free trial version below to take a try.

    Note: Don't restore photos from iCloud backup file to your iOS device, you should know that everything on your iOS device currently will be erased.


    Step by step to Recover photos from iCloud

    Step 1: Install the Dr.Fone for iOS
    Right after running the program on your pc or Mac, and then you will get the main user interface below.
    recover iPhone photos from iCloud - main screenshot

    Select the "Recover iOS Data", Connect your iPhone to PC.
    retrieve photos from iCloud - Connect iPhone

    Select the recovery mode: Recover from iCloud Backup File.
    Recover iPhone photos from iCloud - extract iCloud

    Step 2: Sign in the iCloud and download the backup file
    When you've logged in, it will detect iCloud backup files in your account automatically. Then select the one you want to get photos from and click the button under the menu of State to download it. In the pop-up window, to save time to download the iCloud backup file, you should choose to download photos from Camera Roll and App Photos (photos downloaded via other apps).
    how to recover photos from iCloud

    Step 3: Preview and recover photos from iCloud
    After the scan, you can preview the data extracted from iCloud backup in detail. Choose photos and you can check every item in detail. Tick the one you want to recover, and click on the Recover button to save them on your computer with one click. That's all. You've got your photos from iCloud.
    Recover iPhone photos from iCloud - Preview

    If you want to transfer the photos to your iPhone, you can use the TunesGo for iOS, it can help you transfer the photos from computer to your iDevice.


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