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  YouKu Downloader - 3 Steps to Download Youku Video

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Download Online Video

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  • Youku is the biggest video sharing site in China that is considered as YouTube in China. It allows registered users to upload videos irrespective of length. However Youku's biggest advantage is that it has partnered with more than 1,500 license holders to supply many full length, popular movies as well as TV episodes from the West. User around the world can easily see these types of video on Youku for totally free, although with a lot of ads. So if you wish to download Youku video to view offline and with no advertisements, you will need a Youku downloader. Right here AllMyTube or iTube Studio for Mac is highly recommended. It enables you to download Youku video in one click along with ultra fast speed. Get a free trial now.


    Remember that a few Youku videos are blocked to international IP addresses, you need a Chinese IP to download Youku video. In order to avoid downloading ads, make sure you click on the Download button when ads are finished (generally 10 secs).

    How to Download Youku Video to Your PC?
    Now observe how to download video from Youku with Wondershare AllMyTube. A step by step guide is introduced below.
    1. Open Youku Downloader Software
    You need to first download and install this Youku downloader. The setup wizard will direct you throughout the installation procedure step-by-step. When it finish, extension(s) is going to be added to your browser and so a download button will be added to every video on Youku.com. YouKu Video Downloader - interface

    2. One Click to Download Youku Video
    Now visit Youku.com to play the video you would like to download. Once the Download button shows up at the top left corner of the video. Click it to add Youku to the downloading queue of AllMyTube.
    Download YouKu Video
    You may also directly click the Paste URL to download Youku video right after copied URL from browser's address bar. BY THE WAY, in case the Download button does not appear in Safari, you're highly recommended to utilize Chrome to download Youku video.

    3. Convert Youku to MP4 video
    AllMyTube is not just a Youku Downloader, and also a Youku converter. You may use it to convert Youku to any frequent format to ensure the video could be played on any cellular devices. To convert the downloaded Youku video, go to Downloaded tab, and click on the "Convert" button on the right of each video. And then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the conversion.

    Ways to get YouKu.com in English
    If you are using Chrome, right click to find the Translate option. You can choose language on top of the page. Google Translate also provide extension for Firefox to translate Youku.com to English. Alternative, you can go to Google Translate site to translate Youku on page.

    Note: Now the two biggest video online companies in China, Youku and Tudou have been merged. The merged company is Youku Tudou Inc., regrettably, it is still not the biggest video sharing site in the world, behind YouTube.


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