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 YouTube By Click for Mac: How to Download YouTube in One Click on Mac

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Download Online Video

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  • YouTube By Click, also known as YT ByClick, is really a special YouTube downloader to download YouTube to MP3 or MP4. It runs a toolbar within your internet browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) so that you can download YouTube video in one click. Also you can search the web using the toolbar. Nowadays, a lot of YouTube downloaders can save YouTube video, but most of them don't work as expected. YouTube By Click is one of those which combine simplicity and availability.

    However, YouTube By Click doesn't work on Mac OS X. Once you download YouTube By Click on the website, you'll certainly be recommended for getting Elmedia Player for Mac. As its name mentioned, it's not a dedicated YouTube Downloader. Right here We humbly recommend AllMyTube or iTube Studio for Mac. It's a professional YouTube Downloader alternative to YouTube By Click for Mac. It's a lot better than YT ByClick Toolbar. Try it for yourself.


    Key Feature of YouTube By Click for Mac
    1) Click on Download button on video for getting YouTube - No toolbar.
    2) Download YouTube video in batch - No wait.
    3) Supports Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
    4) Download YouTube video in MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, 3GP and much more.
    5) Download and YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Break, etc.

    Download YouTube Video to Any Format and Device by Click
    Observe how to download YouTube video with iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac step-by-step, as well as convert to any format you would like to perform virtually anywhere.

    1. Install YT ByClick for Mac Alternative

    Right after download the package, double click on it to open the Installation Wizard that will direct you throughout the procedure step-by-step. When completed, a download button is going to be added to any video so that you can download YouTube video in one click. In comparison to YouTube BY Click's toolbar, this is the better solution because the Download button just appears when you mouse above the video. It will not occupy any extra space in your browser.
    Mac YouTube By Click - YouTube Video

    2. Download YouTube Video By Click
    At any time when you are enjoying a YouTube video, give your mouse on the YouTube video player, the particular Download button will shows up at the top left corner, simply click it to add YouTube to the downloading queue of iTube Studio.
    YouTube By Click for Mac - downloading YouTube Video
    Beside the Download button, you're also able to download YouTube through URL (Copy and Paste URL), or drag & drop the actual URL to the dock icon to begin downloading YouTube video.

    3. Convert YouTube video to MP3, MP4 and much more (Optional)
    iSkysoft iTube Studio includes a built-in FLV player so that you can directly play YouTube video after downloaded. To play YouTube on the MP3 player or iPod/iPhone/iPad, you have to convert YouTube to a device-compatible file format. This specific YouTube By Click Mac alternative enables you to convert YouTube to all regular formats such as MOV, MP4, MP3, 3GP, or to any kind of popular devices just like iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, and so on. To convert the downloaded YouTube video, head to Downloaded tab, and click on the "Convert" on the right of each video. From the window that shows up, select the format you need and click OK to go.
    YouTube ByClick - converting YouTube Video
    YouTube By Click provides you with an easy way to download YouTube video on Windows. For Mac users, iSkysoft YouTube Downloader will make it even easier and much more effectively to do exactly the same thing. If you are a Mac user, iTube Studio is the best choice to download video from YouTube and much more video websites. It is the best YouTube By Click Mac equivalent. If you wish to get more information on YouTube By Click, visit its official site here.


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