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 How to download web videos on Mac?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Download Online Video

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  • Every day, two circumstances you'll probably experience. First, you actually surf the Internet for fun and discover a lot of fascinating videos which might astonished you, however, you cannot download them for enjoyment off-line. Second, you publish your preferred videos to the website for sharing. However, once you lose the original ones, you cannot download the published ones on the internet for preservation. Thus, if you happen to require video downloader, you are able to choose the specialist app, AllMyTube or iTube Studio for Mac for help.

    This particular Video Downloader for Mac is specially created to support Mac users to download internet video as quickly and easily as possible. Once the app is installed, you are able to download any kind of web video by clicking on the download button shown up on the top of the playing video upon any video-sharing site such as YouTube, FaceBook, Google Video, Yahoo Video and much more. You may accomplish web video download in the next way.


    1. Launch the web video Downloader for Mac
    Download and install the web video Downloader. Once you install it, it may be automatically launched.
    Mac Web Video Downloader - interface

    2. Download web videos
    Open the web where the video you would like to download with Safari. And then when you play the video, a downloading icon could appear on the top left corner of the video. There are 3 ways are available to download the web video.
    1) Press the download icon that has already appeared on the top left corner of the video. Right here takes YouTube as an example. Just about all supported video websites have the same Download button.
    Download web video on Mac - downloading YouTube
    2) Click on the "Paste URL" button right after copies the URL of video page from browser's address bar. The mac video downloader will certainly catch web video begin downloading immediately.
    3) Directly drag & drop the URL to the icon of the web video Downloader on dock.

    Note: Searching for more fascinating videos on the web while the web video Downloader is running background. Once you find an additional fantastic video, you can download it in the same way.
    how to download web videos on Mac - downloading Web videos

    3. Play and manage the downloaded web videos
    1) If you cannot wait to view the downloaded videos on Mac, you can go to the library, double click on the video to play it. The built/in FLV Player could allow you to enjoy the video cozily.
    how to download web videos on Mac - Play & manage Web video
    2) For those who have many other FLV/MP4 videos saved on Mac, it is simple to manage these videos by adding them to the Downloaded list. You can do that by going to the "File" menu and selecting "Import".

    In case you have already downloaded a number of of web videos, you may want to convert them to some other formats for usage or play-back on some transportable devices, such as iPod, PSP etc. In order to save troubles, you are able to directly convert the videos on the web video downloader for Mac. To do this, simply click the actual "Convert" button on the right of items you want to convert. After choosing an output format from the followed window, click OK to begin conversion. Really so easy to enjoy any kind of web video on your device. Have fun.


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