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How to cast movies from PC to TV with Chromecast?

May 9, 2014 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Cast Local Media to TV

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  • “Now i want to stream Movies off my PC to my TV . I am going to buy a Google Chromecast but I'm still thinking through IF I'm going to buy it and if its going to be any use? . Now the issue is that Will i be able to Stream Movie's and Videos off my pc into my computer VIa The "Chromecast". I know that we can use a HD-MI Cable But the thing is Wire's get messy . If the Chromecast cannot , Would you mind recommending me on a Device or a Method where i can Stream , What i do on my PC (Videos , Music , Games , Etc) Into my TV.” - Jack

    Thanks to the GOOGLE Chromecast, with it you can push any content in your Chrome Brower to your big TV screen, such as online shows, movies, music, webpage, newspaper articles, and even more. However, Chromecast can’t play local Media, that’s to say, you are doomed to feel disappointed if you stored tons of movies on your local hard drive, or shoot a few of your videos and may try to view them on a big screen.

    Well, there is one way (only one) to help you to cast movies from PC to TV, using the Dream Stream, it is the World's First and an intelligent program developed to enable Chromecast users to fling all their local media files, which are stored on their computer or tablet, onto their TV. Let’s check how it works.

    Step by step cast movies from PC to TV with Chromecast

    Step 1. Make sure your computer and Chromecast device are in the same local network, and plugged-in Chromecast is properly set up. Click here for more information on How to Set up Your Google Chromecast Device.

    Step 2. Install the Dream Stream and cast PC movies to TV
    Download the tool below:

    Notice(important!): If you want to purchase the Dream Stream, Please don't purchase via the built-in link of it, Otherwise you will not receive the registration code, because the MyCommerce RegNow Program have been closed on Jun 30, 2019. And our Dream Stream hasn't been upgraded yet, you can go to our purchase page(Avangate - 2checkout): https://www.swesoft.com/purchase/buy-dreamstream.html to make a purchase. Thanks

    When you download the Dream Stream, then run it and install on your PC. After that, lauch it, you will see the primary screenshot like below:
    Chromecast cast movies from PC to TV, cast PC movies to TV with Chromecast

    On the Dream Stream left side of the panel, you have media files categorized into "Video", "Music" and "Computer" automatically. You can easily locate your favorite movies or songs by navigating through the "Computer" directory, or by using the search bar on the top.

    Now, select the media file you wish to cast on to TV, by clicking on the "Cast" button located at the right-bottom corner. You can also perform the streaming action by clicking on the same cast button while playing the file in the media player.

    Step 3. After established a successful streaming connection, you can control the volume and other playback options of the TV display directly from the media player panel.

    Plus, the Dream Stream supports many devices, inluding ChromeCast, XBOX 360, Apple TV, PS3, Roku, AirPlay, DLNA etc.
    cast movies from PC to TV - devices

    Well, now you can cast any movies from PC to HD TV, enjoy your favorite movies on the big TV Screen, it’s easy. Download the Dream Stream and have a try now?

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