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iDVD Alternative Mac: to create and burn video to DVD better than iDVD on Mac

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Burn to DVD

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  • Are you currently searching for software that allows you to definitely create DVDs easily but have no luck? Most people are familiar with the big brand iDVD software for Mac. It really is helpful, includes plenty of themes, however is not easy to use, not to mention that Mac does not pre-install iDVD since Lion. Luckily, there are actually much better and more easy to use iDVD alternatives out there. One particular alternative which we personally recommend is Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac.

    DVD Creator for Mac (mountain lion, lion included) is a great option. That supports almost all popular video formats and includes lots of beautiful DVD menu templates you can utilize to simply design a navigation menu using a play button, still/animated background and music. At this moment download the iDVD alternative to burn any video to DVD and watch with any home DVD player.


    Notice: This program is actually cross-platform. If you are running Windows system, get iDVD Alternative for Windows: DVD Creator. It's completely compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8. Beneath guideline takes the Mac screenshot.

    Step 1. Load video or photo files into iDVD alternative
    As being a better than iDVD alternative for Mac, Wondershare Mac DVD burning software scores many brownie points with the brief and user friendly interface. Once you run the application, you will notice a welcome screen on which you are able to create a new project or very easily open existing projects, as well as a video demo before making DVD.

    Right here we select "Create a New Project" to open the main windowpane. You can add media files to the DVD Creator through directly dragging the videos or photos into the program or click on "+" button to import them. Just about all loaded files displays as thumbnails in the right screen. You are able to click the "↑" and "↓" button to change the order if necessary.
    idvd alternative - screenshot

    Note: It is possible to merge several videos together into a individual section. If you need to separate them, simply drag it out of the pane till a blue line appears.

    Step 2. Edit the video files (optional)
    Lots of video editing tools are supplied to enhance your video files, such as Crop, Rotate, Split, Trim, watermark, Effects, and so on. Simply highlight a video you might want to edit and click on "Edit" button. All of the changes you have made will be on the right window.
    idvd for mac alternative - edit

    Step 3. Make personalized DVD menus for your DVD (optional)
    More than 90 units of free animated and static DVD menu styles are included in this iDVD alternative Mac. To begin, just click "Menu" button and select a favourite menu style, and after that customize it with your background image, background music, item position, etc. Choose "No Menu" to burn a DVD without a menu. In case you especially like some menus, you are able to add them to favorite for easy access the next time.
    idvd for mac alternative - menu

    Step 4. Preview and start to burn
    Ensure that everything is perfect by clicking on the "Preview" button to examine your DVD movie. And then insert a blank DVD disc and click on "Burn" to select "DVD Disc" option from the drop-down menu. Now this iDVD alternative actually starts to work, just let it stay in the background. Once the DVD burning is complete, it is going to eject the DVD automatically.alternative to idvd - output

    Tips: Note: In case your DVD project is larger than 4.7G and you you do not have a DVD9 disc (7.9G) , simply just insert a DVD5 disc, Wondershare Mac DVD Creator will compromise between video quality and file size. Your movie will be automatically resize to fit a DVD5 disc.


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