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ConvertXtoDVD for Mac – convert and burn any video to DVD on Mac

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Burn to DVD

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  • Unless you really are a pc geek, you can't master all of the video formats and also the relevant knowledge. In fact, it's not necessary to. This article will overlook almost all the video file format things and show you the way to convert X to DVD on Mac with DVD Creator software. Right after converted X to DVD, you can view videos on TV with any kind of normal DVD player such as Philip, Sony, Pioneer, Samsung, ASUS, LG, Benq, OVK, and so on.

    Note: ConvertXtoDVD is really a DVD burning software developed by VSO Software company. Nevertheless, ConvertXtoDVD has not release a ConvertXtoDVD for Mac edition. You can obtain a ConvertXtoDVD alternative for Mac right here (Mountain Lion, Lion supported). If you are a Windows user, Visit VSO Software's website to download ConvertXtoDVD for Windows , or perhaps download alternative here.


    ConvertXtoDVD Alternative for Mac
    The convertXtoDVD for Mac can help you burn any kind of video to DVD along with a personalized DVD menu. You can also insert picture if required. In X to DVD converter for Mac (Mountain Lion, Lion included), the particular X stands for:
    Mac ConvertXtoDVD - format Below are the actual example steps to convert X to DVD on Mac. While burn X to DVD on Windows, steps are very similar (add, edit, burn), but ensure you have the X to DVD burner for Windows first.

    Simple steps to Convert X to DVD on Mac
    Step 1: Add X videos.

    For the Mac users, download X to DVD converter for Mac and install. When it is open, click on "Create a New Project". In the primary user interface, click "+" sign to add the X files you intend to convert, you are able to import several file at the same time through holding "control" or "command" key when selecting files.
    ConvertXtoDVD for Mac - main screenshot

    Step 2: Edit DVD elements.
    On the left hand side panel, you may organize videos, edit videos and author a wonderful DVD menu for the X DVD. To make a DVD menu, switch to Menu panel and choose a preset menu template to start personalizing the frame style, button style, menu text and much more. Video editing contains: crop video size, trim video length, rotate and set special effects.

    Step 3: Burn X to DVD with menu.
    While everything is OK, insert a written-able DVD to drive, and after that click on "Burn" button to help make the last settings and begin converting X to DVD on mac. Right here you can also convert X to DVD folder, .dvdmedia and ISO file as a choice.

    When X to DVD writing complete, the DVD disc will eject automatically to enable you to directly insert into regular DVD player to enjoy videos on TV.

    Tips: The disc space information is actually shown at the bottom. You can choose the disc type between "DVD5" and "DVD9" (4.5G and 9.0G) and video quality as "Best Performance", "High Quality" or "Standard".

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