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Burn iTunes M4V Movies to DVD Disc in 3 steps.

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Burn to DVD

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  • Question about burn iTunes M4V to DVD:
    1. How do I burn an Itunes downloaded .m4v movie to a dvd? It can even be like a trial converter or something, i just want to be able to do the whole movie. I know it has something to do with removing the drm protection, I just cant find a program that lets me do it, Any help? - Matthew Allen

    2. May I burn a iTunes movie to DVD on Macbook?
    I download a .m4v movie from iTunes, now I want to burn the video to DVD, but on Mac, I do not know what program could help me, so Is anyone who can tell me whether I could burn iTunes movie to DVD on Mac OS. - Owen

    3. How can I change an M4V file to one that I can play on a DVD player?
    I bought episodes of Robot Chicken on itunes. They're M4V files and when I wrote them to a DVD, my DVD player won't play them. I know I can change file types with music files (change from itunes file to WAV file) but I can't remember how to do that either. Can I do this with video files and if so, how? Will it affect the video quality? - Lizrd

    If you would like enjoying iTunes M4V files on DVD, just simply convert M4V files (videos, movies or TV shows) bought from iTunes store to DVD format, do this job, you need a third-party tool, Right here We highly recommend you a DVD creator to assist you to burn M4V files to DVD very easily and quickly on Windows or Mac: iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate (iMedia Converter Deluxe for Mac).


    How to convert M4V to DVD easily and quickly
    Here, we take the Windows Version for example, to show you how to burn iTunes M4V to DVD Step by step.

    Step 1. Add M4V files
    Click on "Burn">"Add Files" or drag M4V files to the DVD Burner. Organize DVD titles and set video orders as you like. The built/in video editor allows you to customize your videos by cropping videos, rotating videos, trimming videos, and so forth.
    M4V to DVD converter - main screenshot

    Step 2. Select DVD menu and output type
    Click on "Change template" to choose your preferred DVD menu or "No menu" style. Next, you can add your favorite background music or picture, and after that click on play to preview them.
    burn iTunes M4V movies to DVD - menu

    Step 3. Burn M4V video to DVD (Windows 8 included)
    If satisfied with the outcome, you can now insert DVD disc or perhaps decide to burn to DVD folder or ISO files. And then, click "Start" button to make DVD from M4V files.

    Tips: The disc spare space is displayed at the bottom. You are able to choose the disc type between "DVD5 (4.5G)" and "DVD9 (8.5G)" and even video quality as "High Quality", "Standard" or "Fit to disc".

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