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How to Burn HandyCam Videos to DVD on Windows or Mac?

May 31, 2016 10:46 AM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Burn to DVD

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  • Question: How to burn Sony HandyCam video to DVD?
    1. How to burn Sony HandyCam video to DVD on Mac?
    I buy a new Sony HandyCam and I use it record many wonderful videos. Now I need to backup them to DVD disk on Mac. How can I burn Sony HandyCam video to DVD on Mac? - Rockstar

    2. How do you burn the video from Sony Handycam DCR-SX44 to a blank DVD disc?
    I tried to do this once but when I watch the DVD all I can see was video clips instead of a continuous video disc. I want all the clips combined together like a movie disc but I can't. Please help. Thanks - Luan

    3. Making a DVD and problems?
    I am making a video from my sony handycam, with 60GB space and i transferred the video files from it to the computer. When i burn it to a disk, the dvd stops for 2-3 seconds and loads the next part of the file.. - DAHova

    4. Why don't my burned DVD (of videos from my camcorder) play in the DVD player?
    I have all of my Sony Handycam videos saved on my PC. I made a DVD of them in hopes of playing in the DVD player. They won't. They play on the PC from the CD. From another computer, it only plays audio (no video) in Windows Media Player. what could I be doing wrong? I dont want these just on backup on CD. I want to play them in my DVD player. Very frustrated. Thank you. - Holly B

    Sony HandyCam give us wonderful ways to record our almost all unforgettable memories. To preserve the actual records on the DVD so as to we can enjoy them on the DVD player or on the TV, burning Sony HandyCam video to DVD is really a good choice. Right here recommend a great HandyCam to DVD Burner - DVD Creator or DVD Creator for Mac.

    You can get them below:


    The next guide will take the Windows as an example. Burn HandyCam Video to DVD on Mac are similar, just be sure you will get the correct version.

    Step by step to burn HandyCam video to DVD
    Step1. Load HanyCam video files
    First, to get HandyCam video files to PC or Mac, and after that click on "Import" to add your handycam files to the software. They are going to can be found in the collections pane. Along the way, you are able to personalize the videos through adding titles as well as rearrange the videos order. The actual main interface is exactly as below:
    convert HandyCam video to DVD - main interface

    Step2. Edit the HandyCam videos
    Click on the pencil icon besides every video title, you will arrive at the edit windowpane. Right here, almost all edit function are supplied, such as cropping, rotating, adding watermark, trimming, subtitles, and even more.
    HandyCam to DVD - editing

    Step3. Preview and start to burn HandyCam video to DVD
    Click to overview the effect of the editing if you can improve it in a certain way. At last, you are able to simply click on the "Burn" button to start burning.

    Notice: The actual left space of the disc is displayed on the disc space bar at the bottom; You can actually feel free to select the size of burning DVD between "DVD-R4.5G" and "DVD-R9.0G"; And in addition, the output quality is up to your decision. You can choose any one from "Fit to disc", "Standard video quality" or "High video quality".
    Burn HandyCam to DVD - burn DVD

    Along with the professional DVD Creator (Windows 8 supported), it is simple to convert handycam video to dvd to help you enjoy the movies together with your family at home.

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