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Download Music from Spotify in 3 steps.

Sep 25, 2016 6:00 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Audio Recorder for Mac

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  • Can you download music on Spotify?
    1. How do download music for free on spotify? It is apparently free but all I can get are ones you need to pay for... - Hanzie

    2. Download music from Spotify?
    Think Spotify's looks quite interesting for streaming and listening to music; they do have quite a large library of songs where I could find whatever I like. But also been wondering if it's in any way possible to download or save music from Spotify? I mean it's great that you can stream music to the computer and stuff, but I'd also like to get some music on my cell phone.Since it's not one of the supported ones, would be pretty cool if it was actually possible to download and save Spotify music streaming for later listening on my cell as well.You guys got any idea on how to download music from Spotify? - Inez

    3. How do I download music for free on Spotify.com? Do I have to get a premium plan where I pay monthly? If I do one of those plans for $4.99 or $9.99 does that mean I can download an unlimited amount of music and put it on my ipod? The FAQs on their site was vague. - Preston L

    A third-party tool to free download spotify music in 1 click
    Spotify provides a free account to allow you stream varieties of music online. But if you want to download Spotify music for offline listening or use, you need a third-party app. Fortunately, here, I directly introduce an easy-to-use and efficient Spotify music recorder to you - Streaming Audio Recorder or Audio Recorder for Mac. It has the following advantages:
    1. Record any audio via your computer sound card, keep 100% original quality.
    2. Save Spotify music to MP3 format automatically.
    3. Transfer Spotify music to iTunes in 1 click (if you need).

    Step by step to download Music from Spotify

    Step 1: Install and run the Spotify Music Downloader

    After downloading, install and launch it.

    Step 2. Start Spotify Music Download
    Press the "Record" button in this app's main menu, find one Spotify song you want to record, and then play it. Immediately, you'll see this app is starting to record the Spotify music. Once the recording is over, you can get a MP3 file in its library.
    how to download music from spotify - main screenshot

    During the recording process, make sure there is no other audio files playing in order to record it without other sound and keep 100% original quality. When the Spotify song starts to play through your computer's sound card, this smart tool will instantly detect and record the audio, when the Spotify music is over, just click on the "Record" button once again to stop the recording process.

    Note: This app can convert Spotify music to MP3 automatically during recording. If you wonder where the MP3 file is stored on your computer, just right-click the recorded track in Library and then select the "Open in folder" option.

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