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How to Download Music from YouTube to iTunes?

Sep 25, 2016 6:00 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Audio Recorder for Mac

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  • How do you download music from YouTube to iTunes?
    1. How to get youtube music to play in Itunes?
    Everytime I download music from Youtube to iTunes and then sync it to my iPhone it says 'cannot locate file' or something. Is there anyway to fix this/make the music stay? - Vonnie

    2. Can you download a music video from YouTube and put it in your iTunes library?
    So I want to Download the music video for Mr. Mr.'s Highway to put on my Iphone, but I can't find anywhere I can buy or download it :( Is there some way I can download it from youtube and put it in my iTunes Library so I can put it on my phone? Any help will be much appreciated! :) - Ewk

    3. How do you download music off Youtube into iTunes?
    How do you download music off Youtube music videos and then upload them into iTunes? Thanks. - Danaaa

    4. youtube music to your itunes?
    is it possible that I can get music from YouTube and transfer it to my iTunes? if possible can I get the link and instructions? thank you! - Fresh

    Now we will introduce you two ways to download music from YouTube to iTunes, so that you can play YouTube Music in iTunes or sync to iPod/iPhone/iPad etc.
    1) The first way: using the AllMyTube (iTube Studio for Mac) to download YouTube videos first and then convert to MP3 format, you can get both video and audio files and import to iTunes at will.

    2) The second way: using the Streaming Audio Recorder (AllMymusic for Mac) to just download music part from YouTube Music/Video without quality loss, then transfer music to iTunes. By the way, this app can also identify song info like artist, album cover & name etc.

    Part 1: How to download and convert YouTube to iTunes (video and audio files)
    Part 2: How to download Music from YouTube to iTunes (only audio files)

    Part 1: How to download and convert YouTube to iTunes (video and audio files)
    Step 1: Download, install and run the YouTube Downloader & Converter


    Step 2. Download YouTube videos
    Open the built-in browser in the “Online Video” interface or your own browser like Firefox, IE, or Chrome to visit YouTube.com and then open your wanted YouTube videos. Now, you can use any one of the two methods to download them.
    1) Hit the floating “Download” icon on the top of the video when it has detected the video at once.
    2) Copy the video URL and then in the Downloading interface, hit the “+Paste URL” button.
    download YouTube Music to iTunes - Mainscreenshot

    Step 3: Convert YouTube to iTunes
    Go to Downloaded library, you can find the downloaded YouTube videos are there. Hit the Convert button on the right side of each video file. In the format list, you can select one according to your need. If you want to import YouTube videos to iTunes, you can select any one Apple device as its output format. After conversion, the YouTube video can be automatically added to iTunes library. Of course, you have to enable the “Add Files to iTunes Library after conversion” in the Preference panel. However, if you want to add YouTube MP3 to iTunes, just select MP3 as the output format, and then drag the output file to iTunes.
    how to download music from YouTube to iTunes - output

    Part 2: How to download Music from YouTube to iTunes (only audio files)
    Download the smart app below:


    Step 1: Record Youtube Video/Music to MP3/M4A
    After download and install the app, then press the "Record" button in this app's main menu, find one Youtube Video/Music you want to record, and then play it. Immediately, you'll see this app is starting to record the YouTube music. Once the recording is over, you can get a MP3 file in its library.

    Note: In order to ensure the YouTube music can be completely recorded into one MP3 file, the key step is to make the YouTube music play smoothly during recording and make sure there is no other audio files playing in order to record it without other sound and keep 100% original quality. download music from YouTube to iTunes - SAR

    Step 3. Transfer YouTube to iTunes
    Select the songs and click the Add to iTunes button or right-click the songs and select Add to iTunes Library. Then you can find Spotify songs are displayed in the SAR playlist on iTunes, then you can sync itunes music to your iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.
    Youtube to iTunes converter - add to iTunes
    Note: For Mac version, there is no Add to iTunes button. But you can press the Control key on your keyboard and click YouTube songs at the same time. In the pop-up menu, select Show in Folder to locate the YouTube songs. Then use iTunes to import the local files manually.

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