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How to Download Music from Spotify to iTunes?

Sep 25, 2016 6:00 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Audio Recorder for Mac

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  • Can I download music from Spotify to iTunes?
    1. Can you download a song from spotify into itunes?
    I was thinking of getting it but i want to be able to put the songs onto my ipod. I was wondering if it was like limwire where I could download songs directly into my itunes? - Liz

    2. Can I download music from Spotify to iTunes?
    Hi,I have a huuuuuge music shopping list and I think that you can download it all for free, legally, on Spotify... right? Anyway, once I download Spotify and download all the music - can I then transfer it to iTunes, and hence onto my ipod? Thanks in advance! - Will Smith's

    3. How do i get spotify songs onto my itunes?
    I have a huge playlist on spotify (free version) and i want it on itunes or burnt on a cd so i can listen to it off of my computer. is there any way i can do this? and i dont want to pay anything for this either. thanks! - Vivia

    4. import spotify music to itunes? is it possible to import the music downloaded off of spotify to itunes? - Yeah

    In fact, download music from spotify to iTunes, it's possible, use the Streaming Audio Recorder or Audio Recorder for Mac, only 3 steps you can finish this job, then you can enjoy your favorite spotify music on your iPad/iPhone/iPod everytime and everywhere.

    Download the smart app below:


    Step by step to download Spotify Music to iTunes
    After downloading, install and launch it.

    Step 2. Start Spotify download
    Press the "Record" button in this app's main menu, find one Spotify song you want to record, and then play it. Immediately, you'll see this app is starting to record the Spotify music. Once the recording is over, you can get a MP3 file in its library.

    Note: In order to ensure the Spotify music can be completely recorded into one MP3 file, the key step is to make the Spotify music play smoothly during recording and make sure there is no other audio files playing in order to record it without other sound and keep 100% original quality. spotify music to itunes - main screenshot

    Step 3. Transfer Spotify music to iTunes
    If you want to transfer to Spotify to iTunes, you only need to select the songs and click the Add to iTunes button or right-click the songs and select Add to iTunes Library. Then you can find Spotify songs are displayed in the SAR playlist on iTunes, then you can sync itunes music to your iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.
    how to download music from spotify to itunes - add to iTunes
    Note: For Mac version, there is no Add to iTunes button. But you can press the Control key on your keyboard and click Spotify songs at the same time. In the pop-up menu, select Show in Folder to locate the Spotify songs. Then use iTunes to import the local files manually.

    So easy, right? Just download, record, transfer, step 1-2-3, try it yourself now.

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