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How to Download Music from Myspace?

Sep 29, 2016 6:00 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Audio Recorder for Mac

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  • How do I download music from myspace?
    1. How to download myspace music?
    how do I download music from a music myspace? not sure how to do it , but I know you can .. D-Ftw

    2. How to download music off myspace?
    I have been trying to find a song for my father.....can anyone help me... Jamie

    3. Myspace music download? I am very bad at things like theese. I was wondering if someone could run me through step by step how to download from myspace to itunes. thank you very much! - Munkyluva

    4. How can you download music from Myspace?
    okay so there is this song that i REALLY like. and its an underground band and so its not on itunes or limewire or any other music sharing site that I can think of. So please someone help me out! i love this song so much and i would listen to it every minute of the day but I cant now. please I will do anything in return! promise! - Cayenne

    Recommend an excellent app to record & download music from Myspace, named Streaming Audio Recorder or Audio Recorder for Mac, which can help us download music from Myspace in 1 click. It has the following advantages:
    1. Record any audio via computer sound card, keep 100% original quality.
    2. Save Myspace music to MP3 format automatically.
    3. Transfer Myspace music to iTunes in 1 click (if you need).

    Step by step to download Music from Myspace

    Step 1: Install and run the App

    After downloading, install and launch it.

    Step 2. Download music from Myspace
    First, lauch the Steaming Audio Recorder (Referred to as SAR), you will find the "Record" button in the left corner of the main interface. Click it and the software is already on standby. Then, go to the MySpace and play the music you want to record.

    And immediately, this app will record the MySpace music automatically, you can notice there will be audio spectrum graph on the top right side.

    Note: Make sure there is no other sound going through your computer sound card. Or this app will record the mingling of sounds.
    download music from myspace, Myspace music download - main screenshot
    The MySpace music download will be over after recording. And you’ve got your favorite music on your computer now. If you want to add it to iTunes, just go to this app’s library, and then right click the track to select the corresponding option.

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