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How to Burn Spotify to CD?

Sep 25, 2016 6:00 PM/Posted By Chann Ethan to Audio Recorder for Mac

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  • How can I burn music from spotify to a cd?
    1. From spotify can i download the music to put it on my phone or burn it on CD's? - Abbie C

    2. Can I burn the music from Spotify to a cd/dvd?
    I just want be able to listen to the music when drive,Maybe even to an iPod or a smartphone. P.S. i don't want to stream the music from spotify with my phone. And how would i burn the music? - Areg

    Spotify is mainly a copyright protected music streaming service while you can't listen to Spotify music streaming offline. So if you want to burn Spotify to CD, first, you should get the music off Spotify, then consider how to burn spotify music to CD. Now we introduce the two parts:

    Part 1: Record Spotify music to Computer
    Part 2: Burn Spotify Music to CD using iTunes

    Part 1: Record Spotify music to Computer
    Step 1: Download, install and lauch Streaming Audio Recorder
    Here, we use the smart Streaming Audio Recorder or Audio Recorder for Mac to record the spotify music and save music in iTunes. Download the smart app below:


    Step 2: Start to record Spotify Music
    Find and play one of your wanted Spotify songs online, then quickly press the "Record" button. In order to record the Spotify music completely, make sure the online Spotify music play smoothly. The recording will automatically stop when the playing of Spotify music also stops.
    Burn spotify playlist to cd - main screenshot

    Part 2: Burn Spotify Music to CD using iTunes
    Step 1: Import recorded Spotify music to iTunes.
    Highlight the downloaded Spotify music in the Library, and click the "Add to iTunes" button on the bottom. Then go to your iTunes to find it in the "SAR" playlist.
    Burn Spotify to CD - add to iTunes

    Step 2: Click the "SAR" playlist in iTunes, then select "File">"Burn Playlist to Disc". After that, you'll see a pop up window named "Burn Settings".
    Burn spotify playlist to cd - Burn Playlist to Disc

    Step 3: Select “Audio CD” as the disc format. In an effort to play all the songs at the same level, click the checkbox labeled "Use Sound Check". This may be quite useful if the songs in the playlist are from different albums. Then click Burn button and all is done.
    Burn Spotify to CD - Burn Settings

    Tips: Make sure that your computer has a CD-R or CD-RW capable drive, including some DVD-R and DVD+R drives through the following steps.


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